Pep Does not pull properly in Economy Mode


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Hi Friends,

                I own a June 2003 Scooty Pep (75cc). It has crossed 26000+kms. 

            At first it used to run at 50kmph on Economy Mode (on flat road). But from past 3000-4000kms, it does not even cross 30kmph on Economy Mode. 2-3 days before, my brother went to college on it. While returning, the Pep gave some jerks and shut off. My brother tried to start it but in vain. Neither the Self-Start was working nor the Kick. The Kick got jammed.

      He showed to nearest mechanic. The mechanic said the Engine Bearing has to be replaced. I brought Pep to my known garage. He opened the engine and said the balls of Engine Bearing broke and the particles of the balls got stuck in between piston and the cylinder causing the piston to damage. I replaced Piston + Block + Crankshaft Rod + Engine Bearings + Oil Seal.

       Now I know that as the Piston is New, the Pep should be ridden slowly.

  But another problem is that the Pep does not pull Even Single Rider in Economy Mode as it used to pull Double Seat (Rider With Pillion) when New in 2003.i.e., in 2003 the Pep used to pull Double Seat with Ease from Rest in Economy Mode.

I will ask tomorrow about this to the Garage Owner.

Can Anybody of you put light on this matter?
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