Maruti A-Star Test Drive Report

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I drove the VXI couple of days back. It was real fun to handle :) Really enjoyed hustling it around. Rear seats were quite spacious too. But the boot was a total disappointment as already said by many.

Getting into the driver's seat is a pain as well with the steering fouling with my knee. I am a 5'10''. The tacho is gets obstructed by the steering wheel.

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A-Star Proves its Thrifty Nature


The Maruti Suzuki A-star proved its thrifty nature by accomplishing an impressive mileage of 39.48 km/l in a fuel efficiency rally held in Mumbai recently.

Earlier, when the A-Star was tested for its fuel efficiency before its launch by the ARAI, it delivered a top mileage of 19.6 km/l. During that time there were many car buyers who actually doubted the city performance of the car because a mileage of around 19 km/l in city is commendable. But later, it was revealed that the recorded mileage was the efficiency of the car on highway. The city mileage of the scintillating A-Star is around 14.5 km/l.

Even if the A-Star does not deliver a mileage of 19 km/l in city, the outstanding performance of the car is proved in the Mumbai rally. Amazingly, in a similar rally held in Chennai, a winning contestant recorded a top mileage of 37.6 km/l in his A-star.

In both the rallies the cars were driven on a predetermined 60 km route and the fuel tanks were sealed after fueling up to avoid any kind of tampering. Incredibly, among 51 participants in the Mumbai rally and 45 participants in the Chennai rally, the A-Star won the game. This definitely proves the frugal nature of the car and also highlights the efficiency of the new K-series engine.

Source: www.carazoo.com

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With TOI, Pune Mirror is delivered. In the 17th April 2009 Issue, there is an advertisement of A-STAR on Front Page of Pune Mirror. It states that at A-star Mileage Rally, Pune A-star delivered 33.15kpl.

The photo of the issue is attached below.


A-Star is Real Star in its Segment for Mileage.

sudeepd2009-04-21 15:24:50

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