Indigo Problems. HELP!!!


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Please tell me which belt is Alternator Belt and which is Compressor Belt.

The Owner's Manual says that Blue is Compressor Belt and Red is Alternator Belt.

   The TASC says that Blue Belt is Alternator Belt and Red is Compressor Belt.

       Picture of Manual is attached below.




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Another problem which was there for a long time--

If the car is driven (or the accelerator pressed) such that the rpm remain around 2000rpm for consecutive 5-10minutes, the Check Engine Light on Instrument Panel used to glow and the Pickup of the car used to get vanished (The 2000rpm corresponds to around 100-120kph). The speed used to get decreased (from 100-120kph) and even if downshift, the engine would not respond. Then if I turned the Engine OFF even for 15-20seconds and start again, the pickup got restored.

This problem was traced out to be Clogged Diesel Filter. I changed it and the problem was solved. smiley1.gif

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Sorry, forgot to mention that I replaced the Secondary Diesel Filter only.

The Primary Diesel Filter or the Fuel Sedimenter has not been changed.

Current Odometer Reading is 83,XXXkms.

The Recommended Replacement Schedule for the Secondary Filter is 20,000kms and that for Primary Filter is 1,00,000kms.

sudeepd2009-07-23 15:16:54

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Thanks FRG for Replying. smiley1.gif

Today Morning itself I got the Cooling System Flushed and Filled Fresh Coolant. But I did not get the Radiator Removed from the car. Just got the Cooling System Flushed in Reverse Direction i.e. from Radiator to Aux. Tank after draining the Old Coolant.

Lets See What Results do I get.

I will Update on this Issue.

Anyways Thanks Once Again for Replying. smiley31.gif I thought Experts are Intentionally Not Replying to my Queries. But my thought is not Completely False either. Only you answered and not others.sudeepd2009-07-27 15:43:22

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Another one for Indigo LS (Non-DICOR).

The car moves forward on part throttle when the AC is OFF. But the Pickup is DRASTICALLY Affected when the AC is ON. I have to press Accelerator more (to such extent that the RPM rises to 1500 rpm) to move the car forward from Rest when the AC is ON.

What could be the possible causes for this Pickup Decretion?

MODS: Please rename this Thread as "Indigo Problems" instead of "Indigo XL Facing Series of Problems. HELP"

Thanks.sudeepd2009-07-31 13:02:43

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Still no answers on above post?

I replaced Diesel Filter but still I am unable to figure out the reason as to why the car requires 1500-1800 Rpms to take-off when the AC is ON.

When the AC is OFF the car moves forward even at 1100-1200 Rpms.

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OK. Next Query-

   There is some noise (Kad-Kad-Kad-Kad) comes from the Front Right Wheel whenever-->

1.the Wheel goes over Rough Patches of Road (Not Speed Breakers and Potholes but slight uneven rough Roads),

2.a Left or Right turn is taken. Even if 90 Degree Turn to the Left or Right is taken the noise comes.

   But it is not of Drive Shaft (Axle) because--

    If I parked the car and keep pressing the Right (Front) Fender with Hand, the noise comes. Now if the noise would have been of Drive Shaft (Axle), the noise should not come when the Car is Stationary.

If you don't get the idea of the noise, then there is another solution--

You would have used a bicycle in your childhood. When the Steering (Stem) Ball Bearing get damaged, the Steering would move to and fro even if you pressed both the brakes and tried to move the bicycle.

The noise in our car is identical to the above mentioned noise. i.e.. something is loose or there is some kind of play in either of the parts at the Front Right Corner of the car.

I showed it at Local Garage (Non-TASC). The Mechanic Test Droved the car and said the Bush of Right Front Side needs to be checked by removing the same. He also told that if the Bush is gone, replace both front bushes-Right and Left, simultaneously (at the same time).

He said if the Bolts of Bushes get loosen easily, the work would take around 2 hrs and if the Bolts need to be cut (if they are jammed) by heating and drilling, it would take around full day.

Some 10-15 days ago I had shown the problem at TASC (Tata Authorised), but the people were not able to trace the culprit.

Please help on this.

Is it really Bush


I am expecting positive response from your side. smiley1.gif

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Update on above problem.

Yesterday I took the car to TASC. On diagnosing the problem, the Works Manager advised me to replace the End Bush Kit of the Front Anti-Roll Bar. The mechanic showed me that the Right Side End had too much Play but the Left Side End did not have Play. But I replaced both Right as well as Left Side Ends.

Now the Noise has reduced by 50-70%.

    After replacing the End Bush Kits, I TD the vehicle.

As a part of Test Drive, I kept driving in a Circle Manner on a rough road (NOT BUMPY ROAD just Kuchcha Road). Means I Drove the car by turning the Steering All to the Right in 1st Gear. I did not allow the Steering to turn in Anti-Clockwise while driving in that Circle Manner. At that time, I heard the same noise (which was present before the Replacement of Bush Kit). I have no complaints against the replacement of End Bush Kit of Front Anti-Roll Bar since the right side one had too much play.

     I told the Works Manager about this. He TD the vehicle and found that I was correct.

    Then he told me that we will replace the Front Right Strut (Shock Absorber) and check if the Noise disappears. If not, then we will replace the Drive Shaft (Axle) and check again. If still the noise persists, then we will replace the Bush of Lower Arm and check.

What do you people suggest on this?

I am Very Sure that this noise is not of Drive Shaft since the noise comes even while turning Right (if it would been Right drive shaft, then how come the noise arises while taking Right Turns too).

The noise comes under following conditions--

1. While taking Left Turns,

2. While taking Right Turns,

3. While driving over a rough road (need not to be a bumpy road just Kuchcha Road)


        The noise does not come while going over Potholes or Speed Breakers.sudeepd2009-08-14 06:17:24

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Can MODS please tell me where are my posts which I posted in February-March 2010?


I am cheated by the Best Auto Repairs & Services P. Ltd, Kalyan, Mumbai.


So I want to use my Posts against them.


Please MODS Help Me.


I will be Very Much Obliged if you do the Needful.
sudeepd2010-07-29 06:02:34
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@sudeepd :

I went through the pages of this thread. Sorry to see such a problematic car and your troubles. I feel that both your cars have clocked considerably large kilometers and its time you sell it off. (both). It may be so that these cars still deliver good efficiency but that is no use with so much trouble and money.

Being diesel sedans you can get a good resale value and exchange your car with any new diesel sedan if you need any. Or get one sedan and one hatch. TASS is not the best when it comes to solving problems. We have seen that with both Tata and New Fiat cars. Since your car has clocked so much it would not be worthy to keep it as further problems might crop up. Get both cars repaired to some "just about normal" condition and get rid of these.

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I am having TATA Indigo CS LX 2009 model, reading 14750 on January 20th i found that in temperate panel temperature was showing halfmark, and at the time AC is also not working, hot air coming from blowers, and i found that radiator fan is not working and went to local mechanic he advised me to go to Tata motors showroom and when I am going on the way the creeping sound came from the bonnet then I stopped the vehicle and opened the bonnet, then I found that coolant was leaking from the coolant cap, I stopped that car for half-an-hour and again i started the vehicle and slowly went to tata showroom, he checked with the laptop and said that 4th nozzle problem is their, ECU problem is their and said that i have to check electrical wiring system, then he checked electrical wires and found that crankcase relay is shorted, he replaced the crankcase relay Rs. 750/- and radiator fan came in working and replaced ECU under warranty, AC started working, then I came to home, after 2 weeks back again the temperature level came to halfmark, ac also not working so much and coolant coming from coolant cap, I showed to mechanic he said coolant gasket gone, show to tata motors.

Please help me in this matter, what I have to do

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You did not mention whether your Car is DiCOR or Non-DiCOR.

Check the Thermostat Valve which is mostly the culprit behind the Coolant Spillage from Aux. Tank's Cap. It costs about Rs.650/- (the Price of Thermostat Valve) and takes about 20-30 mins to replace.

Replace the Valve with New One and see if the problem gets solved.

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