Pics of Weird and Wacko modified cars

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If? i am not wrong there is also a modified Logan just behind the red Merc.

Yes there is a Logan behind the Merc' date=' and he used it for the JBL branding

Hi, Love the paint job on the amby, a fine job done by your friend smiley32.gif. Couldn't help but spot the two Merc's hiding behind it (red & black). Any pictures/details on them? Thanks :)

There are details of all his creations on his facebook page. I am not supposed to post the links here so i will send you a PM if I can.

Actually I'm sorry Off Topic smiley18.gif Excuse me please!

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The last Lancer, Gypsy and Esteem were wrongly posted on this section. Actually those three cars were looking so great among these overall images except the gypsy"s headlight.


Sorry for an error! and just now found that it is an opel and not esteem. Also iam confused whether it is gypsy or a jeep. smiley36.gif




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BornFree2011-04-07 18:52:05

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Windshield experts image030um.jpg

Basically, this isn't a type of makeshift job, instead it's the method of re-pasting the Windshield on its original position.

Which is to be held at its position for the few days by these type of tapes so as to settle in the glue/sealant along its margins to prevent the water seepage, externally.

After few days, these tapes are removed manually.

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Actually it ain't looking that bad paint job is immaculate ;I would call it weird though. Its most definitely Soccer Mom car and will be used for shopping, school trips, kitty partys :D

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