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Hey guys id like to share an interesting experience with u all:

till 6 months back i was riding this '97 make HH splendor..Timid bike,i know,but wait till u hear this:

i used to get the oldie serviced every 3 months,oil change every 7 months.But once i was out of town and couldnt get it serviced for 6 months.It started after a few kicks and soon i noticed that the acceleration had improved.I further delayed the servicing and oil change for 4 months and saw more improvement in the acceleration,although the bike got thirstier and louder.

Finally after another 5 months i got it serviced and oil changed,and guess what?Acceleration was back to useless quality.

If any of u has a logical explanation for this,or has been thru such an experience,do let me know...

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Dude, let me guess. The acceleration you felt was something like an  immediate jerk, when you twisted the throttle. Am I right?

The jerk which you experienced is not because of improvement in acceleration. Its just a delayed response of the drive shaft i.e the Motorcycle Chain. Usually motorcycle chains tend to get loose due to usage. 

So, the loose chain is the reason  for the jerk( presumed improvement in acceleration). During your service, the service person would have tightened the chains or replaced the chain, and this would have brought your bike to normal condition.

Well, thats my view on this issue.

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No that wasnt the problem.It wasnt a sudden jerk...Pal ive been riding bikes since 5 years and i know the throttle response of most bikes.This was completely different.The overall acceleration was improved,most notably the first 2 gears.

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