which small car will you buy for the new year?

which small car will you buy?  

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  1. 1. which small car will you buy?

    • santro xing GLX
    • zen estilo LXI
    • Hyundai i10 D-lite
    • chevy spark
    • Indica vista auqa safire
    • A-star lx

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This is a Multiple voting Poll, so feel free to choose more than one choice.

The above listed cars cost from 3 to 4 lakhs.

Do mention the reason for your choice. If you consider a car as spacious, also mention your height as to validate with other user responses.

If you dont wanna mention your specific height, just mention Average or Tall

Average being  5.5 - 5.10 ft, Tall being 5.10 - 6.3 ft

jbond8302008-11-30 20:09:13

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I think i10 wins this hands down. Maybe a Swift LXI could also fit this poll. i10 looks better than all in the list ' date=' has better interiors . If its VFM then Spark is a winner.


hey guys, no Swift or i10 higher versions, because they cost more than 4 lakhs on road.

the i10 d-lite does not have power steering, power windows,central locking. Are you all ok with it still?

And, the A-star lxi does not come with tachometer, central locking, power windows...

jbond8302008-12-01 07:23:55

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i10 rocks and Astar sucks with not so good MS quality and cramped space and with no identity looks...

i voted for Spark and i10 coz spark will be fully loaded while i10 Dlite will not have any features...if higher variants like magna, era,etc. its i10 for me and for strictly city use its spark for me coz i own it and love its dimensions..its small yet it has good roomy cabin..

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voted for i10, a good package and technically forward. infact who would buy the three cylinder A- Star, when you have better cars like i10, spark and indica safire in the list. maruti is dreaming!

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