Another way for the cops to make money...

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OK another rant from me.

I read in the papers today that if a drivers caught using a cell phone while driving, hands free or no hands free(for the phone.. not the steering wheel) he/she/it could get a thousand buck fine and a minimum of one night in jail.

Dont get me wrong.. Im all for not using your cell phone while driving, having been victim to many a traffic snarls thanks to some W*NK*R on the phone driving in the middle of the road completely oblivious to the scenario around him.

Heres my angst this morning... isnt this just another way for the pandus to make more money?

First it was cracking down on the drunks.. which is FANTASTIC.. except for the midnight traffic jams just before the check naka, and now this.

All hail the bribery and corruption system!!

Zavo2007-10-06 10:06:48

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I think its a good move. Only when people start getting jailed, will they learn. The traffic WORKS abroad, because the enforcement is strict.


Even if its done to make money, atleast people think twice before using cellphones while driving.


FuelRunGod2007-10-07 14:48:34

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