Pics: Suzuki GS150R

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Liken the last shot with the Hayabusa in the back ground giving the hint of the head lamp design similar to the 'busa.

But still the bike is not slick like the Yamaha FZ16 if you see the rear brake lever the position of the stand etc.

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My observations:

1.Sticker job looks cheap.

2. Instrumentation is cool and best in 150cc,better than FZ because i feel crome ringed analogue tacho is easier on eye than FZ's digi techo.

3. Tail lamp cluster is good and gives the bike some character.

4. Headlamp fairing is not bulky enough. it is nice but would be appropriate in 125cc segment.

5. Tank design is lackluster to say the least. not muscular as surfaces are not prominent.

6.Side panels are looking outdated (though not in these pic's, I saw the bike in flesh).

7. All in all the bike should have been launched atleast two years back to create a stir in market.

But Bike Advice great camera work...keep it up. smiley20.gifitssanguine2008-12-13 08:56:28

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Well this could have been a winner had it been launched before the FZ.

Yeagh I agree with you. Suzuki has made a big mistake.

Reasons for selling, when launched before FZ:

1. Less price

2. Probably more FE

But can't beat FZ in handling, braking, looks, etc. Less price and good FE are the main factors any car/bike buyer in India.

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it looks good but as now we we can see companies coming up with bigger bodies(stunner,R-125) it goes a l'le smaller in that segment..

but anyway will be a good market grabber from Suzuki...

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