Sound & Vibration Damping

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Hello Friends,

We have imported a small consignment of Sound & Vibration Damping products.

Have made custom sized kits for different application.

Hatchback  - Sedan - High end installs


material has sandwiched fiber mesh for reinforcement and it is a marine

grade material heavier and denser and more effective then others

available in the market.

Type 1 and 2 are different materials. A combination of these have been given in each kit.

easily applicable and usable sizes of


1 - 4" x 24" ( fiber mesh sandwiched in between 2 layers of bitumen,

one side has a permanent protective poly cover and the other has a peel

off paper to peel and stick, very high quality adhesive too, with just

4 mm thickness it would not hinder anyother articles in your car and

will add much more wight as compared to other damping products

available in the market. This material weighs 0.36kg / sqft )



2 - 6" x 8" ( fiber mesh sandwiched in between 1 layer of shock

absorbent composite layer and the other a butyl layer with bitumen

filler, this too is an easy peel off application. It is 5 mm thick and

weighs 0.58kg/sqft )

At this juncture we are giving out kits at

very very low see the market response. Very limited stock

is available and more shall be ordered if we see a growing demand.

Check the link for further details and pricing

Have fun..

Fenil Mehta

Sound & Acoustic Designs.


Shipping/ Transport / Courier cost will be borne by you. Demand Drafts

and Account Transfer will remain the only mode of payments. Material

shall be dispatched only upon realizing full payment.

1-2 Kits if ordered will be given at the Dealer Price. If you order 3 or more Kits then you can get them at the distributor rates.

SADesigns2008-12-10 11:13:49

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