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Subaru Forester TESTED

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Here is a review of the all new 2008 Subaru Forester. The new Forester is bigger, better looking and its built on a whole new chassis. The Forester has always been a great soft-roader but can the new Forester live up to the name its created?



Park the new Forester beside its older brothers and you will see a big difference in size. The new Forester is now around the same size as the Outlander and Rav4 which are just to name a few. The model that has been tested is the base model X, but as it can be seen by the above picture fog lamps and alloy wheels come standard on all the specs. The Forester gets great looking meaty side mirrors, but it is sad to see that Subaru has taken out the integrated mirror indicators which were found on the last model.

Getting in and out is made easy with the doors all most opening up 90 degrees.


All doors shut with a nice "thud" unlike some other SUV's where the doors shut with a "thump". Also the new Forester gets a frame around the window unlike the previous Forester's.

At the rear the Forester has powerful reverse lamps but it doesn't just end there, the whole rear is better looking than its older brothers.


So the new Forester, which ever way you look at it from the outside... it is a winner.


Well the new forester being bigger means more room on the inside. Three full sized adults can sit with ease at the rear with ample of leg space. Seating is comfortable for all passengers aboard.




Being Subaru there is nothing that is cheap in quality, but on some of the interiors front the Forester is going to be getting bad marks. Cup holders are standard in all most every car, two at the front and two at the back and maybe more. But the new Forester doesn't have any cup holders at the back (except top end spec) and up front has a long rectangle box (center console with no cover) and that can be used for putting your things in, but where are the cup holders!!

On a happy note, all Forester models come with standard EIGHT airbags, which is sure to please all.

The base model comes with a CD player, but the next two specs come with a six disc CD player.    

Not that you use it but all most all cars have an engine heat dial but I couldn't seem to spot one... Can you??


Performance, ride and handling

An all new Forester...right..?? Wrong! I am disappointed in Subaru for not giving the Forester a new better and bigger engine. It still comes with a 2.5 liter 4cyl boxer engine AND it still has only four gears (AT). Even though it has better power output than the older models, but it is a shame the Subaru did not change the engine size or add at least one extra gear.

We gave the Forester hell as we took it through sharp turns with recommened speeds of 35kph and we took them at all most double that speed, with the tires making noise. The brakes are strong and all four wheels get discs and EBD, traction control and ABS (all specs).


(we took the Forester for a drive around these hills)

The ride is softer and smoother and it feels like you are gliding along.

Even when you take a sharp turn it doesn't feel like you are going to tip over thanks to the Subaru's low center of gravity.


The new Forester is truly a work of art and is a must to go for. I do feel if Subaru changes some of the things in the interior and engine department they have a true winner. The Forester does live up to its name and I would give it a rating of 8/10.



Zal D2008-12-11 13:56:45

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