Car of the Year

Which is the car of the Year 2009  

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  1. 1. Which is the car of the Year 2009

    • Skoda Fabia
    • Mercedes C-class
    • Chevrolet Captiva
    • Tata Sumo Grande
    • Swift Dzire
    • Fiat 500
    • Corolla Altis
    • Honda Accord
    • VW Jetta
    • Audi A4
    • Tata Indica Vista
    • Mitsubishi Outlander
    • Honda City
    • Maruti A-Star

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As this year comes to an end, we have seen many brilliant products launched in the automotive world!!


What car do you think should win the car of the year?


Which cars do you think Qualify for the car of the year?


Put your views and Ideas down in this thread!!


Thank you..

Team Autocar.

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The nominees could be,


Maruti Suzuki A-Star

Tata Indica vista

Honda City

Honda Accord

VW Jetta

Merc C Class

Audi A4

Skoda Fabia

Mitsubishi Outlander

Chevrolet Captiva


There are more chances for Honda City for Car of the Year and Outlander for SUV of the Year..


I dont know whether there is any award for Variants but if that is than Scorpio VLX can be winner...



bluesapphire2008-12-13 06:20:29

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Indica vista for me in the luxury compact car segment

There is only one award for Car Of The Year. Its not given Segment-wise but Only One to that which wins the COTY from the cars which are launched in paritcular year, in this case For Year 2008.

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well the nominees could be

1.Honda City

2.Maruti A-star

3.VW Jetta

4.Chevy Captiva

5.Honda Accord

6.Skoda Fabia

7.Mitsubishi Outlander

8.Tata Indica Vista

9.Audi A4

10.Merc c class

the winner could possibly be the honda city,suv definately captiva deserves,variant of the year could be the fiesta 1.6s,best design and sty;ing could be the A4...........

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Well it will definately be H city as honda has got everything into one package and also since its a honda they will surely give it so as far as I guess the winner is already decided.

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So here are the pics of ICOTY contenders! smiley1.gif



SKODA FABIA (above) - a nice premium hatch!but bit pricey!



MERCEDS BENZ C-CLASS - The entry level merc with new design!



CHEVROLET CAPTIVA - very nice and capable off and soft roader!



TATA SUMO GRANDE- all new sumo!(actually named on 'Sum'an'mo'olgaonkar) with all new avatar!



MARUTI SWIFT DZIRE - basically Swift with a boot, IMO there are chances of it to win ICOTY!



FIAT 500......this is really the "FIAT of new generation" in INDIA!..and 41 units of it has been already sold!



TOYOTA COROLLA ALTIS - All new Gen. corolla, also called 'Mini camry'.

vibhor2008-12-13 16:05:08

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ALL NEW HONDA ACCORD - The New Gen. E-class sized accord with more mascular and bold design makes it looks a perfect luxury saloon!



VOLKSWAGEN JETTA - The second saloon from VW in India!



AUDI A4 - Really is there any need to describe it?



TATA INDICA VISTA - The all new indica in new avatar, it may win in hatch category!



MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER - The SUV for which everyone was waiting!


vibhor2008-12-13 16:20:57

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ALL NEW HONDA CITY - Well, this is another superb car from honda!this 8th Gen. City has some designing cues from Honda's FCX concept!this is very futuristic designed car with excellent exteriors and interiors!..and my vote goes for this car!



MARUTI SUZUKI A-STAR - This is the latest offering from MSIL's stable, so will prove itself to be 'A STAR'??


@Cyrus,Will the linea and Xylo be added to the list?smiley1.gif
vibhor2008-12-13 16:47:07

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Did you know:

- Fiat 500 is fitted with 15 inch wheels as standard and  has been awarded the official "Car of the year" award

- Fiat palio had and has features like. Fire protection, double crank prevention, key reminder, reverse gear protection, safety beams in pillars ... from the time of its initial release (2001)

- Maruti 800 is more stable, comfortable & aerodynamically superior than most new cars.

- Daewoo Cielo, Matiz where cars which were released way ahead of  thier time with excellet technolgy and engineering. They suffered from initial failure, but a big hit after rerelease.

- Cars like Honda CRV, Chevrolet captiva, Toyota Prius, Scion, Honda civic cost not more than 10 lakhs in actual market. The price of the car is doubled due to import duties.

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