Suzuki introduces 1.0-liter Splash Variant in U.K

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Suzuki has introduced the Splash hatchback in the U.K with a
1.0-liter engine. Smaller engines emit fewer emissions, which is
exactly the same intention behind this variant from Suzuki.

The engine produces 68 bhp and just 120 g/km CO2 emissions enabling it to enjoy lower taxes in the U.K.

 this is exactly the same KB Series engine which Maruti at
present uses on the A-Star. Data on Splash

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Splash being launched with 1.0 litre engine is a very good news!!!

Hope we will be getting the same in india also. I feel that, the 1.0 litre engine veriant will sell better than 1.2l in india, although I am not sure about the UK market.

I hope that, the fuel efficiency will also be good, since the carbon dioxide emmision, "in a way" reflect the fuel efficiency figures. The Lower the CO2 emision, the better will be the fuel efficiency.

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