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Hey guyz m new 2 fourm . We own a 11 yr old m-800 . It has a retrofit sanden a/c . D problm wid it is dat its a/c gas gets leaked aftr evry 2-3 season . N every time d culprit is compressor seal. We hv shwn it 2 reputed mass n dey sys dat its due 2 outer condnsr/radiator 4 heat discharg is far away frm cmpressor(at rear behind bumper/blw spare wheel area ) . The cmpresr gts straind as it hs 2 wrk mr n as a rslt d cmprsor seal breaks . They sys dat it'l ractify by placin cndnsor at its orignl place(front) n cooling wil also improve . Dey demands 5k 4 d job . Is it right diagnose is der ne oder problm ?

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Firstly for AC problems you go to a specialist and not a MASS or dealership.

In the earlier days (I have had ACs in my car right since 1981) having to recharge/topup every two to three years was the norm. So I will not get too much worked up on this.

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