Discover facing some strange engine noise....

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Hi there,

            One of my friends owns a Discover 125

DTSi (with wire spoke wheels and Exhaustec) purchased in Feb 2005. It

has done 13280kms. In the idle speed, some strange noise comes from the

engine. Dont know if the noise comes while driving as the noise is not heard while the bike is in motion.

       But  I  am sure that noise comes from the engine and not from

the silencer.

         The pickup has reduced drastically. The bike refuses to provide pickup even for single rider, leave alone with pillion. The

average is about 59kmpl. The oil level is at maximum. He uses Castrol

Power1. He replaces oil every 2000kms. He showed to the local mechanics. One said that the

Timing Chain and the Rollers have to be replaced. Other guy said clutch plates are worn out.

   I know that a noise

cannot be expressed in words. But I will try. The noise is somewhat

like this "kir-kir-kir-kir-kir-kir".

 Is it necessary to replace the timing chain and rollers?

Please Suggest suitable remedies.


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