Adjust Chain Slack,Carburettor Idle,Air-Fuel Screw

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Hi there again,

              Can anyone please tell me==

              1. How much

chain slackness should be kept for Bajaj Pulsar 180DTSi (LCD Speedo)

and how to measure it (Should it be measured just by moving the chain

up and down and measuring that distance)?

              2. How to find out the air-fuel ratio is correctly set or not?


much turns should the air-fuel ratio screw be turned anticlockwise

after fully tightening the screw for proper combustion (i.e how to set

the air-fuel ratio of 14:1)?

              3. How to adjust the

idle rpm. If the rpm is kept a little bit high (to avoid stalling the

engine when it is cold) then the rpm rises too much when the engine has

warmed up. If the rpm is kept a little bit low (since the rpm rises too

much when the engine has warmed up) then the engine stalls when it is



THANKS  smiley17.gif

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