Used petra d or Ikon 1.8D

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Hello I plan to buy a used car and I narrowed down to two models

Petra 1.9D : For its styling, build, ride quality and economy. But I am wary about the service and spare parts availability, though I have checked with the local market who assure me of all parts. When I visited a Bosch service center they too assured me of the spare and service. I also visited a local Tata dealer, they too assured me service and spare. But when I check the blogs and forums they cry foul of the service and spare.

Now to Ikon1,8D : For its a still running model, easy availability in the used market as against petra, economy. But I hear maintenance is very high on these cars and ford charge hefty sums on repairs. But I also hear that you get parts outside the ford dealerships which are cheap and there are mechanics available outside to do the job.

Now in this scene would you please suggest me something ; or should I consider some other models.

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