Hero Honda CBZ - Mileage increasing tips?


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Follow the below procedure=

 1. Replace Engine Oil with good quality one (See the Grade Recommended by Hero Honda for your bike in Owner's Manual)

 2. Get the Air Filter Element cleaned. If it is made of Sponge, then clean with kerosene. Then after thorough cleaning, dip the Air filter in oil pan and squeeze excess oil, so that there is a thin layer of oil on Air filter. This will improve the air filter's capability.

 3. Replace Spark Plug with new one but with a model recommended in Owner's Manual. Dont use other than this.

 4.Get the carburettor cleaned and adjusted by your known local mechanic.

 5. Dont idle at signals for more than 30 seconds.

 6. Whenever you start a cold engine follow these steps=

      Start engine and wait for 30 seconds to circulate the oil throughout the engine. Then engage first gear and move off. Dont go above 50kmph for first 5kms because as the engine is cold, it will consume more fuel if ridden above 50kmph.

 7. Dont change gears frequently.

 8. Dont use bike for distances less than 2-3kms. This will consume more fuel.

 9. Dont pump the accelerator after starting the engine. Let it idle at the idle rpm instead of pumping.

    Hope this will solve your problem to great extent.
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45Kmpl is a reasonable FE(fuel efficiency) to expect on a well maintained CBZ - A lot depends on how you ride your bike and your traffic conditions too.

I assume that you've tried using different petrol pumps already - Try filling from a different petrol pump and check FE again. Your usual petrol bunk may be shortcharging you - and that may be hurting the FE as perceived by you.

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Check the engine and piston rings for wear- maybe the piston and ring have started wearing too.


I will not advise you (rki2007) to Directly go to pistons if the Distance covered by your cbz is less than 50,000-55,000km. My Suzuki Fiero (June 2000) covered 60,000kms and still no problem about pistons. You have not mentioned the Distance covered by you bike.

      First carry out the jobs I told before. Is there any Considerable drop in Pickup? If yes, then please check Engine Oil Level every 250-300kms when the Engine is cold and on a level ground. This will give idea if the Pistons are in good health or not. If the level drops by more than 50-100ml (for 250-300kms), you will have to get the pistons and rings checked. If the level does not drop, but there is Considerable drop in Pick up, then replace the clutch Plates with New Ones (with Original Specifications only).


Have you carried out the basic jobs I told you? You have not replied about it.

Please reply about that.
sudeepd2009-01-14 05:26:05
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yes, i had serviced my bike with the authorised service station of hero honda. There was no major complaints noticed.The clutch plate is good.My bike had done 28000 kms.All the general check up in a paid service was done.Pick up up is normal and has not changed.I change the engine oil every 2000 kms.The brand i use is Castrol. But the service centre supervisor himself accepts that the mileage of cbz is max 35 kmpl. What to do in this regard.Im really confused.

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 1.The brand you use is Castrol. What brands does the Owner's Manual recommend?

 2. Please inspect the condition of Spark Plug and verify below-

    a. If the colour is brown, the carburettor is set to give you balance mixture of pick up and mileage.

    b. If the colour is white, the carb is set to deliver good mileage rather than good pick up.

    c. If the colour is dry or wet black, the carb is set to deliver good pick up rather than good mileage.

 3. Did you clean the air filter element as I told above in my first post?

 4. The manual recommends tyre pressure of 25 and 32 psi for Front and Rear, respectively but you keep the tyre pressure - Front-28 and Rear-36psi

 5. Are you following the tips I gave in my first post?
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well rki2007 , i am also a cbz user nd i am getting around 50kmpl now with good oil and new sparkplug even i have d same 03 model

things i did

1-changed my spark plug to ngk g-power (rs130)

2-used motul with STP which improves mileage and smoothness of d bike

3- regular check up - i give my bike for service every 2500kms or will not exceed 3000 kms on d same oil

if u know good mechanic ask him to decrease d power only little nd only do this if u dont like to speed up in short distances pick up will reduse but not so much

one more thing only do this if u want mileage and hav some money change the carburetor to cd100 or platina ur mileage will go to around 65kmpl my friend has done this to cbz nd is getting 70kmpl but power will decrese by 20% if ur top end is 120km thn it will only go 100km or max 105km nd he is usin ngk spark plug

one more thing u can do is instead of ngk g-power if u have money change to ngk iridium sparkplug i have bought it but still not fitted it to tell d real increase in mileage nd power it costs 550 rs waitin for d service to correctly tune nd clen d bike b4 using iridium plugs smiley4.gifsmiley2.gif

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Reply to rockycbz..dude...ossim da 50 kmpl.Sounds great da. Please tell me 1)what is motul with STP, how much does it cost.

2)And also tell me what will be the cost to convert the carburetor to CD 100 or platina.

3)What will be the expected mileage according to you da if you use the ngk iridium sparkplug
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hi sudeep...its grt to c ur msg really kool regrding cbz milage..

i own a cbz 02 model, 36000 km.often checked the engine oil..it wld reduce 100ml or more after i run 200km.thn i went a xpert mech..he adviced me to do engine work i mean new piston,crank,shaft,bearring,clutch plates etc etc.. n now that m not stisfied with the engine sound n..it vibrates, gears r not smooth n get hot very soon also milage is dropped to 35kmpl b4 it was 45kmpl...n initially the engine is smooth when i run it some 5 to 10 km....it starts vibrating....so can u plz recommend me some good engine oil and some other suggestions....from which i can make my cbz smoother.....smiley9.gif


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a mileage of 30 kmpl in the city driving.Can any one suggest me how to enhance the mileage



I think 30-35 is what all CBZ owners gets in city traffic, so don't worry on that. If you are so worried on mleage, change bike. or if so attached to bike, ask some expert mech for heart transplant with Unicorn(or cheaper acheiver, an HH), since both are honda, a change of gearbox and engine will do wonders on mileage front





creativebala2009-09-23 06:08:45
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i own a cbz 02 model' date=' 36000 km.often checked the engine oil..it wld reduce 100ml or more after i run 200km.thn i went a xpert mech..he adviced me to do engine work i mean new piston,crank,shaft,bearring,clutch plates etc etc. Can u plz recommend me some good engine oil and some other suggestions....from which i can make my cbz smoother.....smiley9.gifrgrds.....[/quote']

Hi there,

Since the oil level is dropping drastically, I would advise you change the Piston+Rings (This is available as a Complete Set). Dont change Crankshaft and bearing unless necessary. Also you have mentioned that Gears are not smooth. So Change the Clutch Plates as well.

As for Engine Oil, use Castrol Activ SAE 20W40 or Castrol Activ Xtra SAE 20W50 (there is only Rs.20-30/- difference between the two). Replace the Engine Oil and Oil Filter (if your bike is equipped with Paper-Type Oil Filter) every 3,000kms.

Also follow the advice given in my Very First Post to rki2007. If any problem, you can Private Message me for further clarifications.

And yes Only Buy the Genuine Hero Honda CBZ Piston, Rings, Clutch Plates (Even if they Cost More to assure Reliability). And buy the Castrol Products from Reliable Source to avoid Fakes.



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I don't understand at 30K and 50K going in for a piston overhaul.This is a 4 stroke for godsakes.

I am still running a 2001 model CBZ with 55K on the Odo, I am not getting anywhere near even 40 KMPL on the bike, although my riding style is not easy, you can't on this bike.

I am using the manual recommended engine oil.

Only problem now I have faced in a leaking cylinder head, it may not be that also, could be a valve cover becoming loose.

Else the vehicle is in great shape.

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I really dont understand people because they say 45 kmpl as far as CBZ is concerened. I have been using CBZ from 2003 onwards , its 32000 kms on the odo, i have changed all sorts of engine oils right from HH , Castrol, Mag, Shell and things like that. But max mileage of 35 is what i have got till date. Some one recommended me the NGK G Power spark plug the DPR8EGP-9 model, i even replace that but no change at all. After chaging that spark plug my bike's mileage started to reduce and and vehicles performance started to turn down. I have maintained my bike properly, serviced it at various intervals,tried with various petrols like Speed , Extra premium etc. Even after all these the max mileage i couldachieve with my bike is 35 only. None of my friends who are using or who have used this bike have said more than 35. That only in this forum people say 40-45. I really wonder is all that true. rki20072009-10-02 16:13:25

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    Minimize the usage of brakes. Anticipate the road and traffic conditions ahead and keep the required speed. If you know (or see) there is a Speed breaker or bad road ahead reduce the acelerator immediately. You should drive with high speed while approaching a bad patch of road or speedbreaker and then suddenly Braking Hard.

Get the Carb adjusted by a good mechanic and follow the advice I gave you on page 1.

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I have cbz  smiley20.gif(old model),
I am satisfied with its performance and pick up, but the problem is that I am getting a very less mileage. Max and min mileage that I got  is 30 and 23 respectively. I do not  accelerate much but I use to ride @ 80-100speeds. I am not interested in riding my bike @ 40-60s . My spark plugs,engine oil are all correct as directed by the company.I am a regular reader of Autocar India and I use to follow the tips and suggestions .I use to maintain the tyre pressure @28 and 32 . I use to change my oils before 2000kms and I use to do all things to maintain my mileage. So will you please tell me the steps to increase my mileage?



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BornFree2009-12-13 17:51:24
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As already stated above I need a decent mileage, I am not expecting a mileage above 50 but without 40-45 mileage I cant survive. I am a person who covers about 70kms a day. CONSTANT 80-100 is my speed . I dont use to change my gears frequently , brake or accelerate much. Will you tell me how much is the maximum record mileage of old cbz model? How to get a decent mileage ? Is it possible for me to get an approximate 40or45 @ 80speed? PLEASE help me to solve my problems.



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BornFree2009-12-13 18:06:00
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(cont)smiley19.gifIf I use C&N air filters what are the advantages and disadvantages? will it effect my mileage? I need a good speed as well as mileage. I am ready to sacrifice my mileage till 45 for power.Wil cbz old model get 45-50 mileage ?
I think if the air intake is proper the mileage increases! is it true?
Whether iridium spark plugs and c&n filters increase the mileage?

Suppose if I am going through a small and narrow road should I go by frequently lowering my gears up and down or @ constant low gear ? Is it necessary to put the overdrive gear @ a low speed with slight knoks? Or is it desirable to continue in the same gear?Will it effect the mileage?
SO if I change my filters to C&N will it help me to increase the mileage?



What are the tricks to increase the mileage ?
Is speed inversely proportional to mileage ?
Should i change my filter to C&N to get more mileage?
Should i go at a constant speed between 40 and 60 to get a good mileage?
Does speeding decrease the mileage?

Note: How difficult is it to post in proper language! Go through forum rules & regulations before procedding any further.

BornFree2009-12-13 18:33:41
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