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2010 Merc E class...Preview

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After various reports and some leaked images, M-B took the wraps off the the 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class at a private event in Detroit. While the new E won't make its public debut until March at the Geneva Motor Show, we were on hand in Motown to get the details straight from the company that Karl Benz built.

We've said plenty about the E's new conservative sheetmetal and exterior elements, including the ConceptFASCINATION-inspired front-end and sedate, uninspired rump. Depending on spec, the new E-class will feature either twin foglamps or angular LEDs, trapezoidal or oval exhaust tips and a host of wheel options. The overall length has been stretched by half an inch to just under 16 feet, while the width has grown by 1.26 inches, the wheelbase is up 0.8-inches and height is half-an-inch taller than the outgoing model. Torsional rigidity is up by 30% and the new E is more aerodynamic, along with packing 11 standard airbags.

The 2010 model shows considerable promise inside, with an interior that evolves the C-class and GLK's angular aesthetic and attempts to bring more of that bomb-proof feel that Benz was known for in the past. The transmission selector can be had on either the console or the steering column, ala S-class, with the COMAND controller placed on the center divider and some of the seat controls moving to the sides, next to the transmission tunnel.

The new E features enough gadgetry to sooth even the most weary CES attendee, beginning with a new standard system called Attention Assist that keeps track of steering angle and alerts the driver if they're getting drowsy with an audible alert and a coffee-cup icon on the dash. Lane departure warning is optional, along with adaptive high-beam headlights that dim when oncoming traffic is approaching, radar-based cruised control, blind-spot monitoring and infrared night vision.

When the 2010 E-class goes on sale this summer, buyers can choose from either a direct-injected, 292-hp 3.5-liter V6 (E350) or a 388-hp 5.5-liter V8 (E500), both mated to a standard seven-speed automatic gearbox. 4MATIC models will arrive later, along with the E63 variant, and the 211 hp, 3.0-liter Bluetech. Courtesy: Autoblog. Head light's resembles a Lexus, I think, this is my personal comment.





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Mercedes designers seems to have lost design flair lately. None of the new cars which they have released during last 3-4 years impresses, designwise.


The current S class interior is pathetic and exterior lacks creativity. The new C class is slightly better. The new SL released in UK recently appeared to be a minor facelift from the old car. It appeared that the headlights of CLS have been pasted on to SL, which looked out of place on SL.


On the new E class, designers have adopted a angular look to try to give the car a more aggressive look while dumping the softer rounded look of the old car. But the Headlight design does not impress at all. The LED lights placed in the front fog lamps slots look totally out of place. It is not clear if these LED's are fog lamps or simply day time running lights. The rear lights seem to have been copied from Sonata Embera and the rear design as a whole is not befitting a car of E Class stature. New interior is slightly better than S class but the 4 spoke steering design is very poor.


Their Maybach sank as it looked like a overgrown S class while BMW designed the new Rolls Royce to look very very impressive and

it rules the segment.


Lately Mercedes has taken lot of steps to restore the quality levels of its cars to the previous teutonic levels and it also leads the world in technology innovation, but it will have to revamp its design team and come up with better and impressive designs.


Apart from S Class, Mercedes has lost the leadership status in all the segments. In Junior Executive segment, BMW 3 Series is the king followed by C class and Audi A4, in Mid Range Executive segment Jaguar XF rules and BMW 5 Series comes second.


While S class is still ruling the luxury segment (with no threat from the new 7 series) it will face serious competition from the incoming 4 door luxury saloons from Aston Martin, Lambo and Porsche. All other models of Merc Like A, B, R, G, M, CLS, CLK and SL etc., sell in small numbers in their own niche markets but cant be labled as segment leaders.


akj53in2009-01-11 13:27:32

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Well the front looks good and rear too, but rear isnt having anything new in designing like it should have in this type of car..

The interiors are good but still the steering designing is not good at all like S-class..they have tried to give steering a sporty as well as luxury touch, but this combination isnt that good....but i loved the rear seats..

And designing wise, i also like current E-class but interiors are not like any 45+lac car...


And AKJ, i dont think that the 4-door supercars like Porsche, Lambo, Aston Martin, etc will compete A8 or S class or 7 series..

i think they have class of their own ..
bluesapphire2009-01-13 10:29:47

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