Yamaha Fazer 250

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Hey Guys!! Do you think that if Yamaha launched this bike would it make success? I mean, after having launched 2 innovative bikes...











yfazer250.jpgEngine = 4 stroke SOHC
Transmission = 5 speed
Engine Capacity = 249.0 cc

Max Power: 21bhp @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque: 20.5926 NM / 2.10 kgm @ 6500 rpm
Compression: 9.80:1
Bore x Stroke: 74.0 x 58.0

Dry Weight: 134 kg

Tank Capacity: 19.2 litres
Fuel Injection

Battery: 12V 6AH
Electric Start

Front tyre: 100/80/17
Rear tyre: 130/70/17


Front: Telescopic
Rear: monolink/monoshock


282mm Disk up front
130mm drum at rear

Please let me know what you guys think about this bike??


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yup, this bike doesnt looks that good but if they can plonk 250cc engine with Fi so that it can make more power than 21 Bhp in Fz, this one can rock..

FZ16 really looks the best bike and still i dont believe that its available at around 70k, coz it looks much more expensive..

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This bike is also know as YBR250 and sold in other parts of the world. The main thing is the engine is crap. I do like it a lot but....smiley9.gif

Here is a better pic of it...

I really can't see how you can get such a low top speed out of a 250cc engine. My Scorpio Z can do 140kph and its a 225ccsmiley36.gif

Maximum speed



Zal D2009-01-13 11:23:03

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yamaha 250 fazer has been launched before & very few know about this bike   

now a days better bikes of yamaha iteself has launched producing a comparable bhp of 17 in r15 in 150cc only providing much better looks than this   

so this bike has lost the market now

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After using Pulsar 180 for 7 Years I dont mind going for 21 BHP engine. However Honda 250 will be my first choice if Yahama and Honda 250 both are launched. After using 180 CC Pulsar I really need some change but I definitely don't want to go back to Pulsar 200 or Pulsar 220. I need now 250CC bike for sure.

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yeah..the engine I also think it is pretty crap...Honda has the CBX 250 Twister with carb that makes 24hp...It is a good difference...A picture below.



Well the word in honda is that the company is going to bring some kind of a machine like this one and it will be after this great launch in this year. Since the company is planning to bring in 2 bikes for this year i.e. no.1 a honda cbr 1000r which we all know about and the

2. is a cbr 250 or a 180 well to boost there bike ratio in this year. High time heard from Bajaj.

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CBR 150 is soo cool!!

they have it here!!

i think there is a CBR 250!!

Yes I have seen CBR250 but they are all 90's..so they used to make them but I think they don't make them anymore.

I think CBR150 is uglysmiley11.gif

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Just looking at the two pics of the honda and the Yam, makes you wonder how Honda manages to design such tight motorcycles. The CBR 250 in my opinion should be introduced in India, it's been pending for a long time.

The CBR 250 is sold in Brazil an air cooled twin would be what i would be looking at for them to introduce in the market. The move to gradually increase size and power in my opinion very unfortunate way of making indians used to such bikes but the way indians ride two wheelers on road, i.e. climbing over foothpaths, jumping red lights, moving in the wrong lane, not using turn indicators, speeding in dense areas, I guess we deserve it. I don't do the above but have to get punished for what my brothers do!!! However advise to Yahama and Suzuki and now Honda that the coaching classes for buyers of high end bikes is the right way forward, make if compulsory if you want it as there are many dumb arse brothers out there who have the money but not the finnesse of riding high powered bikes.

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