rear wheel drive

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guys do we have any rear wheel drive cars in india except contessa

any new one

n which is better front or rear

after watching top gear videos of sliding n burnouts got a doubt can we do that with a front wheel drive?
Hi tanveer!

Well as other has already named the cars, i would like to ans. your other questions.......

See, it not that which is better, rear or front, actually most of the cars have front wheel drive b'coz they have front engines, and in rear engine cars you will mostly find rear drive like porsches etc etc...that is done to reduce the length of the drive shaft, the shorter the drive shaft the better the performace and other things.

And, about those burnouts, donuts etc etc, i would never suggest you to try it, that is done by experts with other cars, so its better no to try it!smiley1.gif
vibhor2009-01-15 10:32:27

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