car's accelerator not working!

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hey people i have a honda city vtec type 2!

the problem with me is that the car's accelerator does not accelerate the carsome times in the middle when we drive it!smiley7.gif

the car does not react at all when the acc is press!

then we have to put it in some low gear and then it acc!

we took it to garage and the mechanic said that there was dust in the sparkplugs! and then he cleaned it!

but the problem was not corrected!


also the driving technique of my dad is different!he put a heavy foot on acc and leaves it as the car picks up! oh ! the car jerks!

when i drive i dont do this and just faced this problem of acc only once!

please help me out in finding the problem!

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Hi thomas!

this accellerating problem is not related with spark plugs at all, if there was problem with SPs then your car wouldn't have started or it would have troubled while starting, its related with your accellerator(i don't remember its name exactly) would be better if you take your car to authorised Hond dealer, they definately sort out your problem!All the best!smiley1.gif
vibhor2009-01-15 15:10:56

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 1. Check the gap of Spark Plugs and keep as per recommended in Owner's Manual.

 2. Check whether the electrode present in the middle of the Plugs is sufficient long. How many kms has your car covered? Did you replace the Plugs in the past?

 3.You have mentioned that the car does not accelerate in the middle while driving it. Means there may be Fuel Quality Problem. Whenever adulterated fuel is supplied to the engine, the engine refuses to pull the load. Get the fuel tank inspected and if necessary get it cleaned and fill good quality petrol.

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my recommendations goes like this

  1. check the air filter and clean it.Since dusty air filter will certainly trouble the working of Engine.

  2. Check for the quality of fuel and the condition of fuel in use.Some times chances are there that water may have entered by mistake which may cause this issue.
  3. Spark plugs will definitely not be an issue but still clean the plugs and set the gap properly.
  4. Check the condition tof piston rings which may have completely worn out and due to this spark plugs may be chocked with engine oil due to which may not fire properly ( this will not happen when ur engine have not crossed atleast 100000kms)
  5. do check the proper working of accelerator pedal sensor.If every thing is in good shape and if this is faulty it continue to provide false signals to ECM which may cause engine to stall at times.

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You say it is a mid range problem which is intermittent: I am pretty confident that teh problem is either electrical or fuel related. Hence get the electrics and the fuel lines and injectors checked out.

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