Scorpio Vs Safari


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Ok I'll tell you guys where I am coming from.

I use the Scorpio to travel to all the INRC Rally's.

The car is laden to the brim with stuff, most of the times it spill's over to the rear seat as well.

I have three people in the car, including me.

I get an average of about 7-9 kmpl depending on how hard I press the loud pedal on the highway. I generally cruise between 90~130 km whenever I can.

Overall package.. I'd say the scorpio wins over the truck.. oops I mean Safari.

FRG I know you have your loyalties to the truck.. and me to I think we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this one.

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The Maintence and reliability of Safari is poor when compared with Scorpio . i am yet to check the new safari the showrrom and look at its performance but as rssh said its quite Spacious and have the Gutsy feeling. Its also Very Tempting at this Price. the New 2.2 Engine must be Better Fuel Efficient than the earlier 3.0 Liter .

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Yes New Scorpio is Definately a Value for Money Package. The Facelift was just Nominal change but the HEART has been Replaced with Better one the 2.2L DICOR. it aso has 4 wheel Drive VAriants also but i dont think this variant is available in Scorpio.

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Both excel in certain areas.


Safari-Interior space, seats, ride.

Scorpio-Engine performance, Butch looks, reliability.


Safari-Reliability, Lacklusture engine, poor interior, quality issues, goes bust after 70,000km.

Scorpio-Poor interior space, poor handling, brakes.

The new 2.2L Safari if it makes up for these Cons could prove to be a competetor to Scorpio.

But the Scorpio Eagle is in the pipeline too.

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As FRG said, its always different people and different interests.  That's the advice I always give to anyone who asks me which is the best car in India.   A car is really an extension of one's personality.  You have to really feel good about the car you own or drive.  I have always been a Jeep person.  No matter how hard it tries, the Scorpio cannot hide its Jeep roots.  One step into the car in the driving position will confirm this.   I cannot get enough of Scorpio for this reason.  The "car" is really crude to drive and this is actually appealing to many like me.  I never used to miss a chance to lay my hands on the good old Mahindra Jeeps just to get the raw feel of driving.  Sure you will get muscular cramps and the like, but that's the fun part of it.  I think most cars are feminine and I think the Scorpio has a very masculine feel.  As for me, the Safari is a shade on the fairer side with its good looks and European design.  But as always... different people have different tastes...


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Thanks for the support princey, I appreciate that. I have noticed that a lot of women drivers take a liking to the Scorpio and their number is increasing.   I wonder what are the qualities they appreciate in that from their point of view.  We've been talking about these macho stuff and all that, it would be great to know a lady's point of view as well. 


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Its a matter of personal choice. For me Scorpio resembles more to a truck with hardly and body lines or flowing design but Safari definitely lives up to the image of an SUV. Moreover as FRG said what use is power without control which is the diff between American crs and European cars. Americans have never had a problem with power but they have always had a problem taking that power into a corner and that's why European cars are respected more. So its definitely Safari all the way.

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Well to ans Jithesh I actually spoke to two Lady Scorpio drivers and this is what thay had to say.

Macho image!

Steering very light and very easy to handle in the city.

High seating and better view of traffic ahead.

Powerful and responsive engine.

Lots of respect from other car goers.

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