audi tt spotted in chennai elliots beach

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hi guys i was just returning to my home and while comin spotted a brand new audi tt (red) and just managed to click away a few pictures and will post them in a days time and i should mention that there was a sticker written "dads gift "

a spoilt rich boy anyway will post them immideatly

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I think there is already a silver TT in Madras, this red one looks much better and the wheels are also nice. Would have been great if the photo was of the whole car. Saw a silver TT in Ernakulam too when I was there two weeks back. Audi had a great last year in terms of sales and its showing.

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I saw this beauty zooming in C.P Ramaswamy Road last weekend-took my breath away.

That aside-i think "dad's gift" smacks of good humor and labeling some1 as a spoilt rich brat is very judgemental and is not a very nice thing to say.


P.S-No offense intended.

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