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Hi All,


I have a head unit which is DEH-P5750MP which is connected to Rear speakers on a tray and then 2 speakers on the front door.


Not sure of the speaker specifications but the rear one is a Pioneer which is 3 way i guess and then front speakers are sony.


Now the rear speaker has a wierd noise on DRUMS, only one side the other is fine. Now i have disconnected one speaker.


Was thinking of replacing the speakers, but then was thinking if i replace the speakers the tray noise is always a pain.


So planing to remove the tray and buy a component for the front door and move the front speakers to rear door.


Now i need suggestion.

If you guys think component is the best solution, suggest a model.

Not thought of budget so not mentioned.

Also not interested in SUB or AMP as this car is used very less.



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You can also try Blaupunkt components, they will come in your budget and are pretty good. And with 5k I think you can buy the Blau velocity range, which are higher end. There are other brands like Polk Audio, Boston Acoustics but they could be expensive. Check in the market.

Also you are making a good decision on spending for better front speakers than on the rear.

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