Sufggestions for a scooter

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im planning to buy a new scooter which my sister & dad will use.

it'll be used by me whenever my dad's 26 year old rajdoot conks out on me smiley17.gif

anyway my priorities are

1)easy maintanance (there'll be times when the scooter wont be driven for days)

2)good fuel economy

i have short listed honda activa as my choice

is their a better alternative?

are their any new honda scooters/ new active going to be launched soon?

is any other company launching new scooters?

have heard abt yamaha launching new scooters.. should i wait for them.

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Go for a Honda, it is very reliable. Honda Aviator has good ride, Disc brake and decent FE. Activa's face lift is expected from Honda stable. And there are not any concrete news on Yamaha scooters coming soon, may be you have to wait a lot. At current market, I'd recommend Aviator.

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Great News about the makeover of the Activa..

I hope they have removed the front wheel reverse dipping problem of the current Activa. (the handle jumps up when brakes are applied)

Thanks Vibhor.. Please share more info if you have...

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go for kinetic

Hey Aditya, I TD the Kinetic and I don't think I will go for it, I was very smitten by the Kinetic Honda in my college days, but there are better choices today..

Did not like the Flyte and Blaze is a little too expensive and I dont need that power for riding within my neighborhood.

I will wait for the new Activa and only if it lets me down I am y think of some other model.

AshTheDash2009-02-01 06:09:37

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I think you should go for a scooter with best handling' date=' as your sister is going to drive this. Forget about kinetic i said b4.


Aditya, I never mentioned my sister...

Nervertheless, I will go for a scooterette for sure... No gears needed....

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