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Spies have recently caught what is beleived to be the Tata Safari, or possibly the new Indicruz MPV in the most uncovered shots to date. Photographed during a fuel stop with a team of British engineers, the Indian company's MPV/SUV is being tested before release as a second-generation.

Tata's Safari is India's first locally produced SUV. Spy shots show off the vehicle's rounded off front, which makes it look a bit more like an MPV, leading to speculation it's the new Indicruz MPV model (aka Xover concept), however it's raised ride height puts it in SUV league in our estimation.
Tata will hopefully lighten the weight of the next-gen Safari, which comes to a massive 2115 kg (4663 lbs). Adding all-wheel-drive also increases the weight by 110 kg (243 lbs). The company is trying to address the fact that their heavy beast is woefully underpowered. A new 3.0-liter turbo diesel Direct Injection Common Rail engine produces 116 PS and 300 Nm of torque. We would hope the next gen gets even more power as well.

If you have never heard of Tata Motors before, perhaps you know them as the new owners of Jaguar-Land Rover. The two divisions were sold to the Indian company last March. Tata Motors also made waves in 2008 with the Tata Nano, a tiny four-person car priced just as small at $2,500.

There is no word yet on a release date for the new Tata Safari. The current model ranges in price from $16,360 to $28,480.













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This car looks similar to Innova, but the exterior is cool. Also the higher ground clearance, when compared to innova could also help.

But the dashboard and door pad design only suits an entry level MUV, and not for an SUV taking the fact that, it will be priced upward of 10 lakhs.Please correct me, if i went wrong smiley13.gif

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This looks similar to innova and looks really good atleast much better than Xylo..i hope this one is better than Xylo..


And caripassion its price will not exceed 10lacs as it will compete with Xylo and Innova and its not new Safari..Its Indicruz..and ues interiors arent that good..

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The Xover is a great looking MPV, looks far better that the Innova, DD what's wrong if it looks similar to the Innova, all MPV's come in same size give or take few mm's. The front design the wheel arches and the overall design pen has created a great looker. higher GC is good for the Indian market any way, even the GC of the Innova is high, This is a test mule guys so don't expect final interiors to be present now, Obviously everthing will be in the tooling stages.

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It doesn't look like giving any sort of competition to Innova, people will never go for a Tata if the price difference between Innova and Indicruz is not substantial.

It can give tough competition to Xylo if it is priced well.

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Tata is planning a launch of the Indicruz/xover this year itself!

Most probably by the end of the year, it should be in showrooms.


BTW, I was just wondering that Tata lays lot of stress on the Autoshow & lines up some big launches at the big stage. If Indicruz is launched prior to the Autoshow, whats in line for the event then? I guess something bigger!

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