Tata Aria, now launched pg10

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Aria is a rear wheel drive vehicle.

Yes,W201 is going to kill Aria but W201 is more complicated so reliability might be a problem.If Tata had made like a crossover like the w201 people would not have compared it to the Innova.

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Launch of 4x2 Aria is the best event that would've been occured with Aria & IMHO, this will make considerable difference to the Sales & popularity of Aria.

People have already started showing Interest in Aria 4x2 after seeing its Banners, hoarding & advertisements.

Considering its size & presence, Aria completely seems to be in the different league w.r.t Innova, as the latter looks like a baby infront of it.

Aria's Road presence, the Low G.C stance, the chracterstic Turbo Whine of Tata SUVs is really breathtaking.

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Tata could have included one stripped version of Aria 4X2 with price of 9-10 L to target Innova.With current models it is difficult to reach 1000/Month sales figure.Maximum they can achieve 500/Month.I have taken test drive of Aria 2 days before and felt lot of refinement in Engine and gear box compare to safari Engine. But still do not have refinement of Innova's engine.

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