Indigo CS Petrol -Is it worth buying?

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Can anyone tell me Indigo CS petrol is it worth buying.My average drive per month is 200 kms only thats the reason i have selected the petrol version.Please tell me about the performance of the petrol and maintenance.I understand that the boot space is less in this car.Please explain me with the pros and cons! The ex showroom price at bangalore is for  Gle is 362000/- . Glx is 381000/- and glx is 395000/-

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Hello rki2007!

Yes, you should opt for a petrol car only, and indigo CS is a nice car, also the cheapest sedan in world!Personally, I don't like the looks of this car at all, just boot stuck on Indica, also it doesn't have so much features.I would suggest you that if you don't need much boot space then go for a better hatch like swift etc. otherwise stretch it li'l bit and consider the Logan or dZire!..but as i've already said that its my personal opinion only, if you don't have problems with looks of it then its one to go for!All the best!

BTW, New facelifed indigo is also going to launch soon!Its worth waiting option.smiley1.gif
vibhor2009-01-22 12:02:37

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Do you need boot space or not?


Check the features of Indigo CS and Indica Vista and then choose between them. Indica Vista's Fiat Saffire Engine is available in Petrol. You can check the features of both CS and Vista, test drive both, and then decide which one to go for.

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