930,000 miles on Honda Civic with original engine


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  • 3 weeks later...

There are many Toyota Hi Lux with 700,000 miles in US road, also the original CVCC hatch from Honda and the Subaru Justy, both 70s vintage still plying. As a matter of fact, in today's date, there are more registered vehicles of Japanese make running on US roads than any other makes. No surprise that the Honda made it. Notice its on original engine, not even a ring job, thats commendable in every sense.

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The Japanese have made America realise that even if they won world war they are still not better.

Indeed and its nothing short of a miracle they pulled off convincing a hate filled US public that Japanse cars are built to last and offer the best value. Once they realized, they were lapped up and today, one look at Craiglist or any used car section in US, you will see Japanese cars greatly retaining their value.

Whats amazing is that the best performing car factories in US are also Japanese using US labor, Toyota and Honda are prime examples. They proved that the US worker is as competent as their Japanese counterparts. Its the US management that was fault, greedy, taking hefty pay and cutting costs all around. They would invariably blame the US labor and in reality, it was them.

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