Yamaha FZ 16 or Bajaj Pulsar?


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Hey guys!!


I am considering of buying a bike in the next couple of months and the two that came up in my mind are Pulsar and FZ 16.  I am leaning for the Pulsar due to the cc and also its FI, but I have heard a lot of FZ 16 and loved the look and the riding...


What do you guys recommend? Please post your opinions with the cons and pros of each or just why I should go for one and not the other...


Thanks for the replies, this will help me make my mind up!!


See ya
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pulsar feels comfortable on long drives. tail is not very stable at high speeds on the pulsar 150. in city traffic it is stable. but as thackervijay also mentioned the pulsar is now too common with its common problems.

Fz is more refined and powerful than the pulsar. fresh styling and fresh brand.and you never know when bajaj would come up with another upgraded pulsar making you feel more outdated with the current pulsar.

FI wont be make much of a difference. but yes if you are too keen on FI, the pulsar will show a slightly better figures in efficiency.

so my choice would be the FZ16.go test drive both of them and the bike will select the rider.smiley1.gif
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One of friends had test ridden the FZ. He said "The pickup is not that good which is expected from 150cc bike".

     FZ has following plus points over Pulsar150-

     1. Speedo Console is different so is the Digital Rev-Counter.

     2. Tubeless Tyres.

     3. Refined Engine

     4. Black Theme.

      FZ minus points over Pulsar 150

   1. No LED Tail lights

   2. No Exhaustec.

   3. No Twin Spark

   4. Less Fuel Efficiency.
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Are you talking about P220 and FZ. Because only P220 has FI and P150 doesn't have FI.

I read somewhere that new or refreshed Pulsar is on the cards. And also the life span of Bajaj is low. So you can expect a change at any time. Play safe and be with FZ or other 150cc bikes.

FZ has amazing Ride and Handling. It rides more like a car. I've been forced to hit a big pothole, but surprisingly nothing happened. the bike just went with ease as if going in smooth roads and I didnot feel any impact. Its large handle bar is a boon in Traffic. Its brake is also very great. Keep my words aside, take a TD and you will feel it.

Where as the Pulsar is old. it is too common. And it is unreliable.

The only benefit I could see with Pulsar is its FE advantage.

@sudeepd, its initial pick up is low and only Unicorn is slower than this. But has great driveability. In-gear acceleration is great and has plenty of torque which can easily smoke other bike in this category.

And Exhaustec and Twin Spark are not a big negative point.

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Though the Pulsar 200 is priced at Rs 75,000 (on road) in Maharashtra,I would always prefer the Yamaha FZ 16 which is priced at Rs 73,000(on road) here.

The FZ 16 is a generation ahead and is technically superior.It has a monoshock at the rear.

The only bad point I could note is the awkward rear view and the tail lights of the FZ 16.Perhaps the designer designed the other portions well and was in a hurry to wind up his art work which ended up in messing the rear!

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Hey Guys, thanks a lot for the replies, it really helped!! I actually was already keen for the FZ but those doubts always come up!! Checking I could see the FZ is way better and nicier!! So I will probable sticky with the FZ, and besides that it is an Yamaha bike!!

Yeah, lets see if until i get mine anything shows up!!


Thanks for words guys!!


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Yeah, this Honda seems pretty interesting....I am still saving money for the bike, so maybe till I get the money this one is out, lets see.. But even if not I am going for Yamaha, bluesapphire has a point there, bajajs are not reliable, cant compare with Yamaha nor Honda...


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Yeah, I know what you mean, but actually I want a bikr to stay for a while with it!! And I am not sure if the Pulsar would last so long w/out problems..I will check how my money goes till there and probably go for the Fz.....I feel more confident in buying a Honda and Yamaha than the others!!!

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Forget both Fz16 and Pulsar 200. These days, many are shifting towards the most practical solution for city riding. Its the scooter.

There are lots of choices in this category to. Honda and kinetic offer good scooters. The blaze from kinetic is a mixed type, you can use it for long rides as well as for city use.

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