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Hi !!

I'm Praveg Maheshwari from Jaipur. I'm 15 yrs. old.

This is mainly for the admins of

I wanted to tell you all that i have made a huge presentation on Indian Cars. It has around 530 slides & is more than 100 MB large.

It has all the cars which r available in the showrooms in India.

Each car has a front, rear & interior image along with its name, its company's logo, its on-road Delhi price & a 1-liner on each car.

It also has all the upcoming cars with a front, rear & an interior image with its estimated price & its due launch date.

I've worked for more than 5 yrs. on this presentation.

Now, its fully updated with all the recent cars.


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Hi Praveg, Welcome. Best option create an online album, either at or Picasa Web Album and send us all an invite. Remember to keep the option's to public < not private>. Then probably we all will visit your webpage.

Durango Dude2009-01-28 17:02:52

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i can easily upload it. but i'm having 1 problem. its 100 MB large & my internet connection is'nt capable enough to upload it quickly. it either stops in between or does'nt give any speed. i'm going to have a visit to a web world this saturday. so i'll upload it from there. i'm sorry but you'll have to wait till then.

i really want to show it to you all.

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& plz plz plz, do not use my presentation for personal use. plz. i dont want my 5 yrs. hardwork & effort to be dumped. i'm telling u all about it only 'cause i want the big people on the world of automotive to know about it. For e.g. Mr. Hormazd Sorabjee.

so plzzzz.

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