Booked Dzire CANCELLED: Now Scorpio LX!

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Hey Anjan.. Your Scorp looks amazing man..


Like some one else mentioned. .. I have started liking this one better than the Innova now...


Please post your ride posts soon so we can get to know more about the Muscular Machine...


Congrats Once Again.. I hope you managed to get some sleep...with this mena machine waiting for you in some hours today..

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The car looks killer!! Just a few Simple mods for you...


Paint the Wheels BLACK!!

DO NOT put the Side Steps

Paint the Chrome on the Grille!!


The ca will look brilliant with these mods. If you gimme some good pictures, ill Photoshop it for you!

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Please try some alloys, wheel caps looks good only on models which have coloured moulding strips, mirrors and handles, otherwise it wont look that good, and as Cyrus said, paint the grille chrome or i would prefer coloured grille like in other variants..

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I Dindnt mean Paint the grill Chrome. I meant Paint The Chrome Grille Grey or Paint the whole grille Black.


About alloys on the Scorpio, Remember, the Offset is more than stock and the Wheels Bulge out. This will ruin your cars handling and basic dynamics.

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Thanks tanmay, AshTheDash-vow! you too became a Scorpio lover! True I am having a bit of a disturbed sleep waiting for the day to dawn and to get behind the wheel. CYRUS and sparshq, I will post better pictures by this weekend that may be fit for photoshopping.Proud to read  Cyrus that you like some other machines too, other than the cute Fiats. You too have a Scorpio in your garage.

Thanks bluesapphire and mehulbhp.

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Yup..I too have a scorpio in my garage!! And shes one of the best cars i have EVER driven. Blisteringly fast if driven properly and a very good handler.....Again, If driven properly!!

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The fuel filling point


The PW controls and the rear AC vents on the floor


The paper welcome greeting card by M&M


The lower dash


The tool kit


The dash glove box


The jack lever and the tony bar. Also seen is the emergency reflector in the blue rexine bag


The manual ORVM adjuster


Brute MHawk engine for the BRUTE SUV


M Hawk


Under the bonnet


I luckily got an Amaron battery


The refreshed headlight assembly


The Brute SUV


The stepney unfastening/fastening bolt


The third row of 2+2

127225d1240153403-booked-my-mahindra-scoThe rear seat legroom

Some more photos of the Brute SUV






The Brute SUV has got a number now! Its official!





My daughter who's speaking on only one topic these days-The Scorpio

The Mahindra Scorpio M Hawk is now in its 5th day in my stable (since

15/04/09) .Have driven around in the city and out of it ,I feel its a

marvel of engineering. I think its the SUV that has radically changed

the way we look at SUV's viz. bulky, heavy on the pocket, tough to

maneuver,unfit for heavy city traffic,excellent for the highways and so


The Scorpio is a steal to handle even in the bumper to bumper city

traffic and also on the highway where it rules.The rear Scorpio pogo

effect is not very prevalent in the new rear suspension, that also has

coil springs.The power steering is a joy to get along with.

The passengers within are well insulated from the outside.Engine noise

intrusion is the bare minimum. As I said most occupants are unaware

unless told, that they are being driven around in a diesel powered

vehicle.The suspensions are marvellous to tackle our road

eccentricities. Many costlier sedans do the Dandia, Hip-Hop, Salsa,

Rock n'Roll and other dances depending on the make,on such roads, but

the Scorpio cruises along, with its huge truck like body.

The MHawk is extremely responsive to throttle inputs-it exactly knows

what the driver wants.I plainly remember my Yamaha RX 100 thats also

equally responsive. The M Hawk engine also emits a typical grunt and

that grrrrrrrr is now music to my ears.When pressed hard the grunt

becomes GRRRRRRRRRRR. To hear that engine noise, the windows need to be

rolled down and the AC switched off.The gears were a bit notchy when in

its first and second day but the gear lever has become a joystick for

me now.It engages itself with aplomb and takes commands very sincerely.

Coming to the ergonomics, the tilt steering is very easy to handle and

so are the manually adjustable seats.The rear seat offers little leg

room in the otherwise huge SUV, but if the front passengers are frail

like me, the front seats can be adjusted to afford the rear passengers

more leg space.The steering spokes (fattened) block the view of the

dash to some extent.The horn is a bit hard and needs to be made easier

to tackle, given our road conditions, where you do not know from where

a stray cyclist can come and rattle the driver.

The stepney is kept secure and to

unbolt it, the tailgate needs to be opened.The picture (15th from top)

shows the bolt that needs to be loosened to detach the stepney, which

can be only done if someone gains an entry within the SUV.

Checking air pressure for the stepney is a pain as the tubeless

tyre-valve faces up and the stepney bolt needs to be unscrewed to

detach the stepney and check air pressure.

The speedo, tripmeter and the clock (easy to set) are very good to look

at during day and night too.The tacho, fuel and temperature meters are

also fine no doubt.But a thumbs down again to M&M. It has provided

oil pressure and ampere meters to the older MM540DP's, Marshalls and

similar UV's so there is enough reason for the company to offer guages

to depict these. I

can confidently assert that apart from the RPM meter, the oil pressure

meter is a must, as it is a barometer for engine health. The

switches are simple and easy to handle.The A.C. is a gem and cools the

SUV within five minutes, if need be. The front and rear windscreens are

I am told treated to lessen glare, be it due to the sunrays or blinding

headlights. And it shows! Thumbs up to M & M there.thumbs%20up.gif

Cleaning the SUV by one self needs lots of efforts especially if the

whole roof has to be made shiny and dazzling. Many nooks and corners on

the roof are tough to access ,as our hands cannot reach them, unless we

climb up like the Ford Endeavour or some bus, that have such flights of

stairs to reach to the top!

The interior plastics though a vast improvement from the Bolero, are

far from being classy. M&M needs to upgrade the quality for the

sophisticated interior feel.

And the tools!!! The black jack is robust and so is its lever.This is

shown in the pictures on the floor under the front co-passenger's seat.

The tony bar is also provided loose. The red triangle for a halted

vehicle is neatly packed in a blue rexine bag.The place to keep these

is quite out of place I must say.M&M should have had better ideas

to keep these securely, being in business for 62 plus years. The first

aid kit (even the Honda Activa first aid kit is better packed in a good

quality vinyl cover). and the two spare headlight bulbs are kept in the

glove box on the dash and occupy all the available space.


tool kit is only a wee bit larger than the Honda Activa tool kit I

have, that was provided by HMSIL.And yes there is no spark plug opener,

the Scorpio being a diesel. So the tools are lesser than the in the

Activa. Earlier the older jeeps came with a black canvas bag with lots

of tools of all hues. The best tool kit from M & M I saw was with a

1999 MM540 DP.It was a good array of everything essential. All these

jeeps had a lockable tool box below the driver's seat, though the lock

could be opened by any good key. Those days are gone I believe!

Overall impression

Like the Maruti 800 very radically changed motoring in India the

Scorpio has radically changed SUV'ing in India. And I am proud to be

the owner of both these automobiles-one since 19 years and the other

one since 5 days.

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congrats anjan sir....the colour looks really nice but the steel rims look a bit odd on an suv...get alloys and ur suv will look super cool...actually the black bumper is contrasting quiet nicely with the body colour even bettre than coloured bumper which is a pain to maintain !!!!

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Thanks tanmay87, mehul_bhp,CC,chau_s79 and vijay. Will post more pictures with the accessories fitted-seat covers, grey tinted sunfilm and matting. The wheel covers from M&M and the ICE follow next very soon. 

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Thanks sharash and DD. Will keep adding to this thread.

I found that the turbo lag is quite imminent at 1500-1800 rpm when the MHawk engine growls like a hungry animal.After crossing 2000 rpm its all speed and speed with better growls.

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Today I was blessed with the four original M&M wheel covers by the

dealer, who sent it home. I was away and upon returning fitted these @

one per minute. Will now post pictures with the wheel covers on soon!

The engine has been thrilling me. The steering and the suspensions are now thrilling me.

anjan_c20072009-04-22 15:22:54

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"Blessed" as if free!! 1/min is fast, don't these fit into the wheel nuts?

Stearing must be light if its so thrilling!

So, has finally Mahindra managed to tune the suspension for a comfortable ride!

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Bornfree:The wheel covers fit just by fixing the proper slots like the valve and the five wheel nuts. No nuts need to be tightened.Its the grip and tension that binds the rim and cover.The steering is really a joy to be with. The rear suspension is vastly improved. The dead axle is supported by balancing rods and suspended by coil springs.

sparshq: These days I have parked my two wheelers and other two cars and am only using the Scorpio.Fear that the Scorpio may be responsible for their batteries getting discharged.smiley1.gif

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