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My IKON flair recently developed a snag and it had to be towed to Ford dealer for repairs. He now tells me that the gasket had blown and as a result coolant had mixed with oil. The engine has to be fully opened and inspected to gauge the damage & the cost would be around Rs. 75000/-

Is it right? I suggested draining the oil and detergent washing after which fresh oil to be filled.smiley5.gif  Pl advise.

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You will need to get the top half of the engine opened and the head gasket will need to be replaced. The head itself may or may not be ok.

But 75000 Rs seems too high. Other members familiar with Ikon parts costs may be able to tell you that.

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If Engine Oil is mixing in Coolant, then it is Head Gasket Problem.

Open the cap of Auxillary Tank of Coolant. Do you see Oil floating in the Auxillary Tank?

 If yes, then you will have to replace Head Gasket.

      The labour charges for Replacing HG is more than the cost of HG itself (atleast in case of TATA Passenger Cars).

Does the Engine Oil level drop too much?

Get your car checked by another Dealer and ASC (Authorised Service Center). May you can try Local Garages also.

Do post what happens.

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