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You are a life saver!!

The thing is that I am buying this car for my dad who doesn't care about rear spoiler, fog lamps etc, so GVS was making more sense. I could use the extra cash for a music system.

Anyways you are sure about the feature list right? What about the below features. Are they present in GVS 1.3?

1: 175/70 R13 tires

2: Full Cloth upholstery.

3: Seat back Shopping hook and Seat back pocket

4: Front passenger seat side pocket

And I am still not clear regarding the difference between hub cap and full whel cover.If possible could you please link a pic of a car with full wheel covers.


I have already checked the website but unfortunately the website is not

updated and therefore doesnt list Getz GVS 1.3. Infact I have searched

on every existing car forum for my above query but couldn't find any


I am buying the car from Hans Hyundai, New Delhi. I tried calling other Hyundai dealerships, none of them could give me a comprehensive feature list. One of them, MGF motors said that GVS 1.3 doesnt even exist. Hyundai customer care also doesnt have any idea about GVS 1.3.

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In delhi the best hyundai dealership is Hyundai Motor Plaza.

It is owned by Hyundai, the dealers are very well informed and have very good customer relations. My uncle bought an Accent from their and has faced absolutely no probs from the dealership side

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