Tips to keep your car always in Top condition!

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Hello Friends!

Here are some tips from ACi site, To keep your car always in Top condition.....smiley1.gif



1. Shampoo your car at least once a week. Use a sponge and a good quality shampoo from a reputed car care product manufacturer. You could also use a hair shampoo This is an expensive but effective way to clean your car. As the detergents in hair shampoo are mild they do not damage the car

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wrt ICE use a good lens cleaner for your CD player atlest once in 3 months or so since they tend to get more dusty than the home audio system.Also the sub at the boot needs your attention to be free from dust and moisture.

Seats needs to be dusted before u start cleaning the interiors.When you have leather seats use reputed leather polish to wipe them clean. If its fabric u have no other option to just dust them with your hands.Of course you can use vaccum cleaner also.

For the upholstry its always better to keep ur hands off from it since they tend to become dirty soon and difficult to remove also.

Most important thing is have a look at your underbody for any long term accumulation of mud. It may cause ur metal panels to erode and so go for a wash in ur service station after a rainy days since they are not accessible without putting the car in ramp.

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I apply tyre polish but never knew that they could reduce the tyre life.

I also never knew that Frequent Application of the Tyre Polish can reduce Tyre Life.

I use it once every 2-3 months.

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