Need a advice for TATA Indica Vista TDI (Aqua)

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Hi all,

Im in the process of booking Indica Vista TDI (Aqua) model.

I can extend my budge some more too. Is buying Quadrajet engine really worth. Will it really answer my expectations from India for the extra 80,000 im going to spend over the TDI model.

Expecting reply from you ppl ASAP.



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It is really worth to spend on Quadrajet than TDi. Quadrajet is a Fiat engine, won many awards globally and reliable too. It is more powerful, as well as Fuel efficient and will have long life. It is a new and modern diesel engine.

TDi is a Tata engine. It has less power and less fuel efficiency than Quadrajet. It is an old engine using old technologies.

I guess that service interval for TDi is 5k kms and Quadra is 10k kms.

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thanks a lot 4 ur replies...

Aqua TDI model is 4.4L on road but Aqua QJ comes to 4.8

i can extend the budget to that..but spending the 40' date='000 extra is worth ??

needs comments 4m u ppl...[/quote']

Yes, seriously worth it.

- The fiat engine emits a lot less C02/km. 103g/km. It complies with BS V

- Mileage is also better than the TDI. And the life of engine would be much better.

- The "Fiat 500" costing 15 lakhs also has the same 1.3 Fiat MJD engine.

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I think 40k is not a big price to pay for the famous 1.3MJD. Go for the Aqua QJ, and smile or go for the Aqua TDI and frown. The QJ is more drivable and has way more torque than the TDI. The choice is your's. If it were me I'd plonk my money on the QJ.

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