Tata Indigo XL Grand DiCOR Review.

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We purchased Tata Indigo XL Grand DiCOR on 2nd May 2007.

In fact we wanted the delivery on 2nd May. But we got delivery on 3rd May.

The car has done 71,200+kms till date.


The features of the car are=

1. Nippon DVD Player with Two LCD Screens,

 2. Remote Locking with Engine Immobilizer,

 3. Alloy Wheels with Tubeless Tyres,

 4. Nokia 6230i Mobile Phone Kit.worth Rs.10,000+/- (the MRP on the box was Rs.13,XXX/-) smiley4.gifsmiley4.gifThere is a holder for this phone on the Dashboard near the Steering Wheel where it can be placed and charged. No need of separate charger.

  Also there is a microphone on the roof so that the person seating on the Rear Seat can talk over the phone without removing from its charging point and the voice of the Third party comes from the Speakers fitted in car.smiley4.gif

5. Leather Seats,

 6. Electric Outside Rear View Mirrors (Can be Electrically Adjustable but not Electrically Retractable).smiley4.gif

 7. Turn Signal Indicators on Outside Rear View Mirrors.smiley4.gif

 8. BIG Legroom for Rear Seats.smiley4.gif

smiley4.gif 9. Fuel Efficiency

     23+kpl with AC at speeds of 120+kph.smiley4.gifsmiley20.gif

     Around 18-19kpl without AC at speeds of 70kph.

 10. Good Pick up due to Variable Geometry Turbo.

 11. Everyone gets it mistaken for some Expensive Saloon.smiley4.gifsmiley4.gifsmiley32.gif

smiley32.gifsmiley4.gif          New people who are not familiar with this car ask us which is this car. On hearing its Indigo, everyone gets surprised because the looks from Front are different from Normal Indigo.

One person even asked me whether it is Corolla or what.smiley4.gif

Negative Points

 1. The noise of the Engine increased after just one month of purchase.

 2. Low Ground Clearance.

       No matter Tata claims the Ground Clearance of ALL Indigos is identical (Tata says GC of ALL Indigos is 165mm), but the Belly of XL gets scrapped if not driven properly over rough roads and large speed breakers.

 3. We faced a number of problems with this car. Complete List can be found at


sudeepd2009-02-08 08:42:38

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Sudeep, I think you have reconciled to "living" with the Indigo Dicor XL. After all, we were witness to your clarion call's to one and all, here. Hope your problem's are all sorted out and it's chugging along smoothly. Happy and Safe driving.

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dude. I have seen and sat on that car. VFM and gives the luxury feel. Tata has taken the competition to a new level with this car

The car seats can be made more comfortable and boot space reduce.

Boot space is huge is some sedans. Thats unnecessary considering the space compromise

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@JBond 830: I also test drove the Indigo. It is unrefined and has very ineffective brakes. Gizmo's don't make a car. All the LCD screens and DVD player's can be done aftermarket. I almost fell for all those gizmo's like so many other's; but sit inside and you'll see how unrefined the switches and fit and finish are. I owned an Accent previously and the difference was glaring. The 'new' Indigo couldn't hold a candle to my 6 year old Accent, which I was looking to trade in. But one compliment: my wife and I were treated to one of the best cup of tea there at the Concorde showroom, and the salesperson was very courteous and patient with us as I test drove both the petrol and diesel Indigo's. Basically I think Tata has a long way to go before it matches Hyundai and Maruti.

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The images of our Indigo XL Grand DiCOR are posted below.




Sorry they are pics which were shooted when car was new.

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Please tell me how to upload pics. I am not getting it correctly.

After uploading at, which link should be pasted here.

After uploading, it displays 3 links saying Thumbnail of websites, Thumbnail for forums (1), Thumbnail for forums (2).

 I typed

"" without quotes.

Am I wrong?

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