Ordered a 2009 Tavera

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I placed an order for a 2009 Tavera Neo2 top end model - SSD1. This is about 9.66 Lakhs (show room price) + life tax + insurance.


I had the advice of local auto owners -   to go for 3m film for sun control.


I got about a 25K cash discount and some accessories discount. The accessories that I ordered were 3m sun control film, chevrolet carrier on top, a spoiler and a rear guard.


I was advised that ,since the SSD1 comes with a Double Din MP3 audio system with 6 speakers, if I wanted to I can have a DVD player and a montor by removing the double Din MP3 player.  I may get about 2500 rupees for the double Din mp3 player.


Recommendations were: to go for onw with a USB.  

Either a Sony MEX-DV2200 or a JVC or a Pioneer

for the player and

a NecVox 9'' or 10.2" or a 10.4" monitor. I was also told that Sony would not handle bad CDs like a JVC.r


By reading some discussion about insurance, I found out that one can save by trasferring my NCB from my present insurance policy.  Since I own a Santro and have insurance with Bajaj, I went to the Bajaj insurance company to offer me the NCB discount on my new tavera.  They declined to transfer the discount, as the tavera is a bigger car than santro.  But the Chevrolet dealer said that GM affliated insrance company would honor my NCB on my present santro.(but I should not have santro under my name to transfer my insurance).  I am learning a thing or two here back home about how to get things done around here.


The color I asked for is "Savanah Green" and this is a new color introduced for their top end model.  They said that they have in stock a rain forest green (a kind of green color that is use presently) one is available in stock and if I wanted a Savana Green color, it would take 20 days to make one with this color.  And I was told that I was the the first one in the country to ask for this color as of now in a 2009 model.  Any way, it will be a month before I get it.


Any advice on the items in this post is welcome and thanks to you guys for your advice in the past.






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congrats TSR for your new Tavera!

Nice Choice but i have yet to see the color u have chosen!!

so when u get your car then please post pics of it here in this thread ok?

congrats again!

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TSR, congrats once again for your newbuy. There are two types of green colour available with GM, dunno which one u opted for, do share pictures of your car once u get it, and also your experience with the dealer, your first few kms ride experience and few add-ons you did on your new car. Drive safe.CHEERS!!!

Insurance, yes you can get your NCB transferred to this new car, only if you have sold your older car of which ncb you are claiming, but we have a member who is a insurance guy, he may put more lights and can give u a better idea on that, you can go through few pages on this forum where he has made a thread regarding insurance, cause i dont remember his name.

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