Wierd number plate

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Yesterday I saw an SUV (don't remember which) on Richmond road in Bangalore, which had a number 11-CD-50.

The number plate was light blue color with white fonts. Anybody has any idea what kind of number is it?

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There are different number plates based on the nature of the usage of the vehicle....

In India as far as I know..we have following catagories:

1. Private number plates

2. Commercial number plates(for Taxis, Buses, Trucks and   all sorts of commercial vehicles)

3. Number plates for Defence and allied forces(did you ever notice strange numbers mentioned or army/navy/air force vehicles)

3. Diplomatic number plates(for Foreign missions/UN Missions)

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Also the plate was CD and not CC, indicating it was from the Embassy rather than the Consulate. Also, if I remember correctly CC plates used to be bright yellow while CD plates are light blue

sgiitk2009-02-10 08:04:52

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