Which SUV??? Budget 16-21L

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Hey guys planning for a SUV with decent off-roading priorities are...

Budget 16-21 L is the luxury/comfort level

7/8 seater

Diesel/petrol.....4WD/2WD ....both not a concern

3000km per month and mostly city driven....

70% Chauffeur driven....

I've rounded out...Endevour...Captiva and Pajero...

Pajero looks outdated...and Endy is a tad boxy though..Captiva...sounds more practical by all means....

Any suggestions.....

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From the list I think you have a diesel in mind. Captiva is the one to go for. If Petrol look no further, it's the CR-V, you have a choice of a 2 liter and 2.4 liter engine's. Endeavor has a very uncomfortable seating position, knee may hit the jaw and ride comfort is not as good as the Captiva. Let's face it, after paying big buck's I don't thing we'd be do much "mud plugging" or "wadi bashing"; would we? Unless you have applied for VRS and want to "Reclaim Your life", the Tata Safari way. Beware of the Ol' Gen Pajero, it isn't worth it and service is horrible and service cost's are pretty "astronomical"; be prepared to be ripped off by HM. Why doesn't ACI do a survey of the service cost's of the old gen Pajero?Durango Dude2009-02-13 17:34:04

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Guys not a CR-V hater....its not practical for me as its a 5 out goes the Outlander as well....

"Mud plugging and Wadi bashing" ...dude u make a valid point...but all i want is a smooth and unbouncy sort of ride on those...pot holes and trenches ridden Chennai roads...

Yup pajero is sort of out...just b'cos is the so called dreadful HM that what it is???

So Captiva it is i more thing ...will it be suitable for my height am..abt 6"2+....

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Well go for Captiva and if Petrol look for Crv and Outlander..out of both petrol although HM doesnt have good service i would go for Outlander coz i like it more than Crv, but Captiva is best..


It has refined and poweful diesel,

I just love its interiors and are better than Crv/Outlander,

Gm has good service,

Ride quality and comfort is fantastic,

Features are also good and it Looks GORGEOUS...

And now its available in 4wd and auto variant too..


Just gor for, until Fortuner from Toyota comes, this one is the best..

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Outlander: new fresh and refined powerful petrol SUV. SInce your car mostly will be chauffer driven and in city use HONDA CRV is more practicle as it is luxury softroader.

Pajero is not for your use: its for serious offroaders.

Captiva : Doesnt Impress me .

Endevour: Boxy

Think on CRV  OR    OUTLANDER.

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according to your needs Captiva suits you best.

its practical, comfortable, refined and good looking. its not even huge like the endeavour and not outdated like the pajero. plus pajero has quality and service problems like many said. CRV and Outlander are out of your list for they are only 5 seater. So Captiva should serve you right.

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