Oxymoron:Buy diesel cars to save money

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Whats it about diesel cars that make everyone shell out more money?

You save a lot of money on fuel cost. This seems to be and obvious and common answer.

But has anyone ever tried to figure out how much money do you save when you won a diesel car and compare it with the cost of owning a patrol car.

Well, I decided to do some lay man calculations and compared cost of ownerships of both diesel and Patrol cars . For this purpose I chose Diesel and Patrol Variants of our recent favorite "Fiat Linea" and guess what who turns out to be a winner when it comes to cost of ownership for five years and One lac KM.

Against all the marketing gimmicks and common believes The patrol car turns out to be cheaper as compared to the hot favorite Diesels.

I know most of you would want to bash for me for making such a statement. But its not me who is declaring the petrol cars a winner ......numbers do the job for me.....

I would love to share the calculations with you guys ....if someone can tell me how to share an excell sheet over this forum.

viveksonkhla2009-02-20 08:23:14

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Hey Vivek no need to paste excel sheet. See I have done this calculation, sometime back and also put on Here is ditto write up copied from the site.


Hi, PETROL V/S DIESEL: Specifically Swift & Vista. I have done

one analysis.. If one keeps car for 1.00 lakh kms and 5 years (

Considered an average holding period of car ).

SAVINGS: Diesel Rs. 37 per ltr / 17 F.E.= cost per km 2.17.. Petrol

48/14= 3.43 per km. Net savings: 1.26 per km. Total savings in 5 years

= 1.26 lakhs.

COST: Price diff in Diesel car V/s Petrol car is Rs. 90000.

Interest cost on 90000 @ 10% p.a. = 9000 * 5 years =45000. If interest is compounded interest loss = 55000.

Addtional Depreciation on 90000 after 5 years = 54000.

Service & maitenance: Diesel car service cost more than petrol.

( I read somewhere that swift diesel service cost around 4-5 k). Faster

depreciation of tyres and supsention.. Roughly one will spend atleast

Rs.20000 addtional over a period of 5 years if opted for diesel over


So total additional cost of diesel agaisnt petrol = 55000+54000+20000 = 1.29 lakhs.

Bottom line: You do not save anything till 1.00 lakh kms or 5 years

if you opt for diesel ( Swift / vista) against same version of petrol.


This was done before recent price cut in fuel charges.

how much do I meet your figures??

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I did the similar calculation on Swift VXI Vs VDI n found no substancial difference in Cost of Ownership. However Petrol car after 1 lac KM will Fetch much more Resale than its diesel counterpart.


I bought Swift VXI earlier n wanted to Upgrade to Swift VDI .. later Dropped d plan..!

I am happy about my decision..



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I have tried and failed trying to upload the sheet.

I am making an attempt to paste the sheet in word format ....hope this helps.

All calculations are based on Delhi Prices

Assume you are making the complete down payment for the car. Otherwise the Interest price for I lac differential could be around 25K approx.


                                              Diesel(INR)     Patrol (INR)

Base car Price                         ?   814533.00     702439.00

Registration                                ?   40601.00     36118.00

Insurance charges First year            29864.00     25936.00

Insurance charges second year        26877.60     23342.40

Insurance charges third year            24189.84     21008.16

Insurance charges fourth year        21770.86     18907.34

Insurance charges fifth year             19593.77     17016.61

Fuel Cost for 100000 KM               181529.41     291857.14

Services charges over 5yrs              75000.00     50000.00

TCO over 100000 KM               1233959.48     1186624.66


Advantage: Patrol car owners end up saving INR 47334.82

                                                      Patrol             Diesel

KM              ?                             100000.00     100000.00

Fuel Economy(KM/Lt)                            14.00          17.00

Fuel Required (Liter)                      7142.86          5882.35

Patrol Price                                          40.86          30.86

Total Fuel price                            291857.14     181529.41

viveksonkhla2009-02-20 10:39:07

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its not true for all the cars

like in verna the milage in petrol is around 11> and diesel> n diesel verna is more fun to drive.

it depends from car to car

n how cum u know the service cost of lines it has just released n its service intervals are longer than other diesel cars i.e after 15000

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guys i think you all are missing some points here


the initial cost difference between swift(P) and swift(D) is around 75000

now if you are buying the car in cash (full)the only loss is the interest on that 75000.

the saving is around 1.5 per km so,that can be easily recovered (wrt to interest,and service cost)in 10000km-12000km.


the resale of a similar model diesel swift with same running as a swift petrol has a difference of 75000 only.this info. is from


the situation will however change if you buy car on EMI.the emi would cost you more,so the running must be justified in that case.

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