Unsold Car Inventories of The World's Car Makers

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RECESSION CLOUDS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! Hondas at Japan awaiting export orders.


despite all such scenes everywhere in the developed world, I have to

wait for my Swift Dzire till April after having booked it during

January'09 end. We are different then ?smiley19.gif


Unsold Jaguars in the U.K.- said 450 British jobs to go!


The open car storage in Corby, North Hampshire, UK, reaching full capacity


Unsold cars at Sheerness open storage


150 acres of Toyota distribution site at Long Beach, California


Cars at the Newark Port


Ford trucks/ SUV's at Detroit, Michigan


Cars jam the dock at the port of Valencia, Spain


Peugeot cars await shipment to Italian dealers at the port of Civitavecchia


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Lol' date=' that is too bad. Should I go buy one of them?


this is too bad

cars are rotting by the day

@jagadishdawg- if buy one it wont matter unless u buy the whole fleet LOL smiley36.gif

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Wow...thats really bad.... But as car prices have gone up, companies are doing here they are giving the Acura N model of the tsx for $700 more rather than $3000 more than the Tsx L  

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Ill take my Jaguar XK-R in Black please...and maybe one in white and one in red too. Ohh and could you please throw in a couple of those Peugeot 207s also...Ohh and for desert, i will take a Ford F 150 SVT...

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