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hi all,

i clicked these pics of this MONSTER Defender with my Nokia E71 on the way to my factory in NOIDA a few days ago..

for a while i was behind the car and could not figure out what it was till i was alongside and than was able to comprehend what i was looking at!

the ultimate "jungle rover"!!

i am aware of who the car belongs to but am not at liberty to say so.

this person has many other really cool offroaders  including a chevy suburban ,range rover, another defender, landcruiser, forrester..among others!

this car was modified under his supervision as ive heard he is very passionate about his cars and is a very immaculate and impressive job...smiley32.gif

i look forward to your comments and views on this one of a kind vehicle.








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it has a ddun number plate...havnt seen this around here....!

the car is in noida..only goes up to uttaranchal and other wildlife preserves with the owner and his guests..the rest of the time its in noida only..

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Great pictures. It'll be real pain to drive this in city and while parking and reversing.

i suppose so but i presume that this is just a recreational vehicle not actually meant for everyday use..smiley1.gif

it is quite long but the driver seemed to be quite adept at handling it and it took some effort to keep up with him while simultaneously clicking pictures with my phone!

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wow' date=' gr8 pics manuuj, what a car to be seen in our roads,yes this one is for safari's for wildlife sanctury's.[/quote']

that is precisely what the owner uses it for..his guests and he ride in style when out at wildlife sanctuaries..

just shows money isn't gotta have class too! smiley32.gif


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