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@peterjp: As stated your mileage does not demand a diesel. You should be doing 15,000+ per annum to justify a diesel.

I would beg, borrow or steal to get a City. Otherwise look into the Maruti stable (Dezire/SX4). Hyundai Verna is not exciting, with a pedestrian petrol engine. If you are of the adventurous sort you may look at the Linea (I will definitely not). Others tend to be expensive in terms of consumption, repairs and depreciation.

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hey peter fiesta will be the best option for u- great driving and high FE...?

I dont think fiesta is the one to go for. Fiesta has good FE only in diesel which is not required for him since he is doing only 500 km a month. Also it feels a segment down. Go for linea petrol or SX4 ZXi. They match your requirements perfectly. While Linea petrols mileage is not known mileage of SX4 is not that great but in the long run it is more VFM with a good service and resale value. And still its mileage is at par when compared to others in its class except ANHC but to recover its cost at current petrol prices you need to drive it for 70000 kms.

So I feel SX4 is the best for you.

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SX4's FE is one lesser side than others in market due to the massive wheel 205/65R16 .While other have 175/65R15 tyres but we need these massive tyres ,if you quiet know Indian roads its a crossover do some offroading .YOU CAN GO ANY WERE A SCORPIO CAN.

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The DZire VDi/ZDi is among the best.These are diesels but much dependable, cost less to maintain and are fun to drive. They deliver about 15 kmpl in the city and 20 kmpl on the highway.

I won't suggest the SX 4 which is too liberal with its fuel consumption and the steep price depreciation is unique for any Maruti. Its a good and  dependable car that makes a statement, but I have my reservations about due to the facts stated here.

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hi ' date=' as your drive is 500-600 kms means go for only petrol.

i will say rank wisely







7.FORD IKON                     



Ditto... Perfect chronology. I would definitely add Accent above Ikon.  If you can't stretch to H-city, SX4 is the car to go for.

All the best.

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I am looking at buying a sedan with a budget of 7-8 lakhs.

predominantly city driving with average of 500-600 kms per month

Family of 2 adults and 1 child


Priorities are

a) Looks

B) Comfort

c) Fuel economy

d) Low maintenance costs
As i suggested before also in another thread you created, That newly launched FIAT Linea is best of the pack if your considering a car under 8las, Its almost civic sized car and comes loaded with advanced tec. features, It has excellent looks, no doubt and its a very comfy car good FE and low maint. costs. smiley1.gif
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What about linea diesel or petrol.  FE of petrol engine seems to be matter of doubt as no one including dealers have a fix

Did some of not point out that with your driving a Diesel is definitely not recommended? At the end of the day it is your choice and your money. In your case the routing servicing, maintenance, insurance & depreciation are more important than differences in fuel costs / economy.

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Consider Linea(petrol), NHC and Fiesta 1.6 S, with a monthly running of around 600 kms there is no reason why you should opt for a diesel.

Your  best bet would be the City, it has got the looks, performance,comfort, good fuel-efficiency.

You can go for City E, it will exceed your budget though.
tanmay872009-03-06 03:24:58
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