Ford Endeavour The Bumpy Car

vikas jindal

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I must congratulate all for being active forum member.

well said I have would have tested the vehicle before buying. In fact I did, the good driving of vehicle impressed me.

The most disappinting experience for me is after sale response of the FORD and its dealer. The defects I am telling them, they have even failed to observe them or not accepting. I have spend hell of amount on purchase of vehicle, what I am getting in 15L dosen't worth.

I own a Innova also. when I compare it with Innove they say we cannot compare Endy with Innova, because they call it a MUV not SUV, perhaps ford understand that Innova is Far better buy.

Infact if I compare the Innova is much much better SUV than Endy. On my Ist tyre change I replaced Innova tyres with all terrain Scorpio tyres, that really converted it into a SUV with better ground clearence and better fuel economy.

Infact Innova has a far better suspension and ride quality even on roughest of Roads.

Doing 140000 kms my Innova's suspension is just perfect with only one front shoker change. After sale service of TOYOTA is excellant.

So every one beware of FORD.
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All the suffering car owners.

We should, through this forum and through ACI should fight, why the Indian market is offered outdated models. Ford Endeavour is no where visible on Ford's International website. There should be minimum feature specifications for a car in Luxury Segments like Automatic Climate Controls etc.

Ford is offering it's top of the line SUV expedition for US$35000 why we are offered a vehicle, which is not even a proper SUV for same price.

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Actually budget SUV's suspension is designed keeping in mind high abuse, load carrying & offroad stints. This setup is generally such that ride quality suffers as a trade off. Whereas high end/expensive SUV's tend to strike a balance!

So, Vikas if your SUV is a 4x4, enjoy its offroading abilities, otherwise also you could take it on less than paved roads or on the less traveled ones!




Edit: Vikas, to the best of knowledge, Endy. is a SUV, maybe with lesser abilities!

For offroading, speed is not a prerequisite, Torque is! Let the Torque do the talking on offroad trails, it will feel way better.


Safari/Scorpio/Bolero are called SUV's for the heck of it, they are actually people movers with ability to move on cutcha roads!
BornFree2009-03-13 09:30:59
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Bornfree, Endy is not atall a SUV, if only high ground clearence is an essence of SUV then it is. Endy, is worse on bad roads, it goes out of control if you are at more than 20kmh on even a slightly rough road.

And endy is not a budget SUV, if you call it a budget SUV then where will you place Tata Safari, Scorpio or Bolero
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