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Hello all,

The Autocar Forum is growing by leaps and bounds since it started. I've always said that the forum is as good as the quality of its members and you are responsible for what we are today, so as a token of gratitude, I have created a special category for forum members who have provided us with brilliant posts and helped out many members with their problems.

These select few members will now have a 'Special License' tag to their profile. They will have access to seperate section of the forum called 'Special License Holders Discussion Board' where they can exclusively have discussions. They will also be able to upload images and files directly to the forum and not via imageshack.

The members who have been awarded the Special License are:

durango_dude, anjan_c2007, 5u3zEr0 and speed.


BornFree2012-05-22 09:57:53

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