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The Skoda Superb was launched yesterday' date=' with a price tag of Rs.18.8 lakh exshowroom N.Delhi. With the Laura topend retailing at close to 20 lakhs. I think petrolhead's among Skoda lover's may plonk in for the bigger Skoda than the Laura. Now the Superb has been priced soo close to the Laura that it'll definitely cannibalise sales of the Laura. What say?[/quote']

Its 18.8 ex-showroom, which translates into around 23.5l on road. The Laura is 18 lacs on road in Mumbai. So there is a reasonable gap of 5.5 lacs.

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Well i saw this car yesterday at Surat Airport, it had come to pick up somebody and there were 2persons in it, were looking like some top executives of some company but when i went close it was written 'Superb' on the number plate and then i came to know that it was Companies display/Demo car and as it was at Airport, i was unable to find the same at Showroom at same time so it was obvious that the one i saw was demo car..

Well it looked good in Black and rear portion wasnt looking awkward as in some pics and front was looking good and it was BIG looking car but still it wasnt looking as premium or rich and elegant as old Superb but then slowly all royale/elegant looking cars are becoming sporty nowadays e.g BMW 7series and Merc S-class and many more so no issues but still for looks i would choose Accord over this one..I tries to take some snaps but the guys were seeing me and i thought that its not good time to take pics so i came back..

And i think that as a overall package it would be successful unlike the older one and this skoda looked something different as before all Skodas i.e Octy, Laura and Superb looked very similar and same was reason that superb wasnt a hit..

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