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Mumbai Drift '09

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Hey guys, this is Rajeev here. I am the student of Saboo Siddik college of engineering (automobile department) & this year, i am the chairman of the automotive fest of our college- 'AUTOMOTIVATION '09'.

The major event in this fest would be the car rally. i am also the event head for this event. This rally will run in a TSD (Time/Speed/Distance) format. The crew consists of a driver & navigator. the navigator will be handed a map with directions, odometer readings & hints. the driver has to follow the navigator's instructions. this event will cover a 55 km route around mumbai streets, there will be checkpoints along the route where marshalls will note the car timings & also to ensure nobody cheats!

All in all, its a very fun event, especially for those who love driving! It can be a thrilling experience to follow maps & odo readings!

Details are as below:

Venue: M. H. Saboo Siddik College of Engg., Byculla, Mumbai

Date: 22nd March

Day: Sunday

Crew: Driver + Navigator (co-driver), extra 3 crew members allowed.

Entry Fees: Rs. 400 for Driver+Navigator, Rs. 100 per extra crew member.

Those who are interested may email me on or leave your e-mail id here, i will contact you or send you the entire details of the event.

Visit our Blog:

MODS, this is not any sort of advertising, i feel some members may be interested in such an event, hence such a post.

raj_50042009-03-13 18:25:46

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