Cars which could have been a HIT!...

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You left out all the big Hyundai's: Elantra, Sonata, Tucson and Terracan. They all haven't sold well. Elantra and Sonata, though VFM did not sell due to poor Hyundai brand equity in these segment's. Tucson and Terracan were priced very high and no one was interested in Rs.20-30 lakh Hyundai's; and they didn't make the cut on the look's front, too.

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i agree with cyrus..opel vectra and ford mondeo were great cars..they couldnt somehow dominate the luxury car segment like the honda accord does now..opel vectra still looks very good!

as for the bolero--no it is not a taxi vehicle..taveras and sumos are the ones largely used for taxis..boloeros command good customers in all the hill stations and also with a lot of govt offices.

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the build quality o the opel and fords are really good...

bolero is a hit a it sells around 50000 per year..

more than the innova..


magnum is not doing good..

it sports a powerful diesel and it is placed between verna segment and the octy(currently civic and altis) segment...

it should be selling in good numbers..

being diesel..

but the brand image is not good..

had it been honda or toyota who might have been selling it(priced it 1 lakh more)...then it would have been a sure hit..

aveo has nice interiors and a powerful 1.6 engine..but again the brand image lets it down...


versa was a nice car..but the pricing did it out..to add to this aruti deteriorated its interior as well as exterior quality..


baleno was a sure winner with a powerful engine..


camry---the pricing is way too high..just like the superb plus its a guzzler..


and how can we forget the tata indigoXL..nthing was wrong in it..but each and every car in that segment is a winner, due to which TATA couldnt raise the indigo to that segment..


logan-poor interiors and love me or hate me looks..


palio- fiat's fault..its a nice car


phew..the list is never ending...hanks to the maruti,honda and toyota..which are the segment leaders...and dont give any chance to the newer cars..



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