List of cars to watch out for!

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one point i must make is that this doesnt have too much ground clearance.

Toyota Innova seems to be slowly cutting out from this segment.

Read in 2days paper that innova will be costlier by 30000!

Innova has created a segment called 'premium muv'

The muv segment competitiors will be




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But this Indicruz can give a cut throat competition to Xylo and Innova, and seeing Vista i think IndiCruz will have better plastics and build quality than Xylo..And space and Tata's pricing will be the key to success.

But the above pic if of the MUV testing in Europe, its not an indian pic..

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today in TOI newspaper the list of tata cars has been given.the list goes like this:-

 1) tata nano, march 23,2009

 2)fiat grand punto,june.2009

 3)tata xover,last quarter 2009

 4)tata safari,an all new vehicle due in last quarter of 2009

 5)fiat bravo,september,2009

 6)tata indigo,sep 2009

 7)tata ace 1 tonne,sep 2009

 8)tata indica electric,for europe in 2010

 9)tata nano diesel,jan 2010

 10)jaguar ,aug 2009

 11)land rover,last quarter of 2009

 12)alfa romeo,jan 2010 onwards

 13)maserati,jan 2010 onwards

 14)ferrari,late 2010

 15)tata nano europa ,2011

 16)tata prima,2011

  the list seems to be awsome n i am sure this time tata will definitely change its impression of having quality issues with its cars,i mean it will surely improve its image and so many cars under its model portfolio ,i think the era of its underestimate rating is just going to get over. 

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